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In a previous post, we looked at some of the fundamentals for selling on Pinterest.

Here are 5 additionals ways to get it right on Pinterest and take your online marketing to the next level. 

Humanise your brand

Showing the human side of your brand is one of the easiest ways to resonate with your audience. This trick works with email marketing and it will as well work for your product pins.

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People love brands they understand. They may be interested in the values, opinions, taste, or personality of the brain behind the brand. 

When you humanise your brand, you come off as authentic and signal to your audience that your brand comprises real people.

Cater to the female consumer

Over 70% of users on Pinterest are women. This means you should tailor your pins to appeal to the female audience. 

Do this even if you sell male-oriented products. 

An example of the wrong message: “Guys, are you ready to upgrade your style this holiday?”

A better way to frame this message would be: “Do you want your boyfriend to look stylish this spring?”.

Incorporate the right keywords and hashtags

First and foremost, hashtags do not function the same on Pinterest as they do on Instagram. While you may be used to adding hashtags in your profile bio on Instagram, you won’t get the same results on Pinterest. 

Pinterest hashtags only work in pin descriptions. These pins make it easy for people to visit the product landing page you are pinning from. If you use the right keywords, you will increase your chances of being discovered. 

Use rich pins 

Rich pins are not your regular social media post. Not only do they make Pinterest pinning more straightforward and seamless, but they also provide extra data and information to display alongside a normal pin (like photo, title and description, etc).

Rich pins contribute more context to your posts like price and product description, enabling users to view this information within Pinterest itself. 

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Types of rich pins.

There are 4 main types of rich pins. Each type is designed for a specific kind of content 

  • App Pins

App pins let users download apps directly from Pinterest. 

  • Recipe Pins

Recipe pins are for food bloggers creating great content on their WordPress sites. These pins come with cooking information, ingredients and serving sizes. 

  • Product Pins 

By offering real-time information on pricing, availability, and where to purchase items, product pins make selling on Pinterest more seamless than ever.

  • Article Pins

Article pins are great online marketing tools for eCommerce websites. They provide users with information on articles such as date of publication, story headline, author and a short description. 

Use promoted pins 

Promoted pins give your pins that extra push they need to be at the top. They are a great addition to Pinterest SEO and can be anything from lead magnets to blog posts or products. 

Promoted pins increase your chances of selling more on Pinterest by taking users directly to your website. 

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This article was first published on 27th May 2020


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