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A few years ago, people could afford to give more priority to organic reach than paid advertising. It provided a cheaper yet incredibly effective way to reach your audience on social media. Businesses were booming and seeing a lot of engagement without using any form of paid advertising. 

That’s hardly the case in 2019. These days even a small amount of paid advertising can boost the reach of businesses on Facebook. It is now more necessary and profitable to invest in paid advertising. But you must do it the right way. 

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Read on to learn some of the best practices for Facebook advertising in 2019.

Let your posts run organically

Even if you’re opting for paid advertising, your content should be so good that it can thrive organically. The paid advertising should be used as an added bonus to boost those results. So, the first step is to create a post and let it run organically for at least 24 hours to see how it performs. Once the 24 hours have elapsed, you should have a better idea of whether you should introduce paid advertising or not. 

Identify your best performing posts 

After you created your posts and posted them on Facebook, you would want to make use of Facebook Insights to identify which posts are performing well. Facebook Insights lets you see the stats for your posts, page fans and reach. 

Social Proof 

Try to go for ads that have the most engagement (likes, shares, and comments). This will help increase your organic reach in such a way that you won’t have to spend so much on paid advertising. This is essentially a great way to kill two birds with one stone: increase organic reach while cutting costs on paid advertising. 

Optimise for after-the-click 

Facebook’s decision to makes your ads visible is based on how well they impact customer experience. For instance, will your page be slow to load when customers click on your ad? Or will they leave your landing page just immediately after clicking on it probably because they didn’t like what they saw? 

If these possible scenarios play out, Facebook will have a negative impression of your page and may decide to stop showing your ads or charge you more to show them.  

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Also, Facebook tends to deliver ads at a lower cost per click to businesses that have a higher engagement. 

So, ensure your landing page, are in proper condition before you post any ad on Facebook and engage more with your audience to boost your chances of been seen. 

Test-run with a small amount of money 

Finally, before you dive in, throw in a small amount of money first to see how your ad performs. This will help you identify which posts perform well either as a boosted post or as an ad. Once you’ve identified which paid ads perform better, you can then put in a little more money as you continue to see how it performs.  

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This article was first published on 12th December 2019


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