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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Temie Giwa Tunbosun

Temie Giwa Tunbosun is the founder of One Percent Project, a platform that encourages the culture of blood donation among young people, and LifeBank, the first fully-digital blood bank in the world. As an individual passionate about the health sector in Nigeria, Temie Giwa Tunbonsun has set up projects that have led to the distribution of over 14,000 bags of blood, the mobilisation of over 3000 donors, and the saving of over 4000 lives.

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In 2019, her mobile application Lifebank, won The Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative (ANPI), an initiative of the Jack Ma flagship entrepreneur program organised for African entrepreneurs. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria in 2015, he commended Temie Giwa-Tunbosun’s efforts to improve the health care sector in Nigeria.

 “…If everyone had the opportunity to build something like this, then the world would be a better place… I’ve been to a lot of different cities… people around the world are trying to build stuff like that. If she actually pulls it off, then she’d show a model that will impact not just Lagos, not just Nigeria, but countries all around the world,” he said.

-Mark Zuckerberg

In addition to her accolades, Temie Giwa Tunbosun appeared on Ynaija’s list as one of the 100 Most Inspiring Women. These achievements, as well as the recognition she has gotten over the years, are a testament to the impact her projects have made on health care in Nigeria.

But where and how did Temie Giwa Tunbosun come up with the ideas for One Percent Project and Lifebank? It all started a few years ago after the bomb blast that left many dead and injured at the United Nations Building in Abuja. 

“I remember feeling very helpless about this new terrorism in Nigeria and how our health system wasn’t equipped to respond the way it must. I wanted to help so badly and I was looking around trying to find a way to help and then the calls for blood started coming in. The National Hospital had run out of blood and people were going to die,” she recalls in an interview with Innovation Village.

-Temie Giwa Tunbosun

This disaster spurred Temie Giwa Tunbosun, who was already working at various health organisations in the country, to take action and fix the unavailability of blood transfusions in Nigeria. With the help of some friends, she began to solicit blood and founded the One Percent Project.

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Following the launch of One Percent Project, Temie Giwa Tunbosun founded Lifebank after experiencing a difficult pregnancy and learning that the biggest cause of maternal mortality rate in Africa was a condition called Postpartum hemorrhage.

Through One Percent Project and Lifebank, she has increased the access to blood donors in Nigeria by a significant margin.

“LifeBank App has helped One Percent Project save time by having access to potential blood donors. We know that all the awesome folks registered on the app are willing to donate blood at a moment’s notice. It’s like a reserve army of lifesavers. How cool is that? Whenever we host a blood drive, all we need to do is send a notification to our registered donors to attend the drive. This makes the whole experience stress free,” she says, speaking on the impact of both platforms.

With endorsements from the world’s biggest business tycoons, accolades, and a huge following on social media, Temie Giwa Tunbosun is an inspiration for many men and women looking to stimulate growth in the health sector.

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