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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Josh2funny

In this age of Instagram comedy, Chibuike Josh Alfred, aka Josh2funny and Madam Felicia, is one individual who easily stands out from the pack. Known for his Instagram skits where he dresses and performs as his alter ego Mama Felicia, Chuibike has achieved remarkable feats within the short span of his career. His recent sold-out show which held at Eko Hotels & Suites shows that he has indeed come a long way.

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Venture Into Comedy

Chibuike’s flair for comedy became apparent when he was in secondary school. He was part of the literary and debating society and would crack jokes on the things he had read in the newspaper. For him, it was just a hobby but soon people started urging him to consider comedy as a career because of how good he was. He started originally as a stand-up comedian, performing in churches and on stage. He later switched to comedy music when his mentor suggested it to him as an easier alternative to stand-up comedy. He started posting skits on Instagram and this was the turning point in his career. Today, he has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

The Birth of Mama Felicia 

Mama Felicia, Chibuike’s alter ego and he is most known for, shaped his comedy career into what it is today. In an interview with Vibe, he explained how he came up with the idea for the alter ego.

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“I was just playing around one day. I was playing a female role in one of my skits and I wore the dress. It is my friend’s dress though. I was squatting with her then in Mushin and I went to her wardrobe, took the dress and wore it. When I posted the skit, people talked about the dress more than the skit. It didn’t make me change my style of comedy though. I wanted to go back into her wardrobe for another skit, but I thought to myself: will I go back to her wardrobe whenever I wanted a dress? I decided to stick to just that dress and people liked the idea of the dress, so I decided to pin a character to it,” he said


Milestones And Plans For The Future 

Perhaps, the highlight of Chibuike’s career was his recent sold-out comedy show dubbed “All of Me”, which held at Eko Hotel on the 2nd of February 2020. The show featured a host of Nigerian comedians such as Lasisi Elenu, Charles Okocha, Nedu, Kenny Blaq, Destalker, Akpororo, Ajebo, Funnybone and many more. This is proof that he is not just limited to social media but can deliver on stage as well. On his music career, the comedian says:

“…All the details will be out soon, movies will be out and my music, very soon you will hear from me. My music is going to be a fusion of comedy and serious sound and I’ll be featuring some artists. Before I started comedy, I used to be a music producer, I used to rap, there’s nothing I did not rap. I want people to see that side and there are things I want to preach through my music. It’ll be something people can relate to.”


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