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There are some individuals who have the incredible ability to influence others through their craft, actions, or words. One of such individual is Falana Folarin popularly known as Falz. He needs no introduction as one of Nigeria’s most popular music acts. Since his foray into the music industry, Falz has proved himself as not just an entertainer but as an influencer in every sense of the word. 

From starting trends in pop culture to drawing attention to social issues, he utilises music to entertain and also to advocate the right causes. 

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As An Entertainer 

Falz knows a thing or two about what makes an audience tick. The humorous side of his personality and charisma give him an edge over many of his contemporaries when it comes to relating with his audience. 

A recent example of this is the #BopDaddyChallenge which he coined from the popular #DontRushChallenge during the coronavirus pandemic. Since he started the trend on Instagram, many fans have replicated and jumped on it. Prior to this, Falz had come up with a number of other trending catchphrases and slogans including “Sweet Boys Association”, “Wehdone Sir”, and “Hello Bae”. 

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As An Advocate 

Another interesting aspect of Falz’s career is his activism. This has been a recurring theme throughout his career. His most popular act of advocacy for the country is seen in his 2018 hit song This Is NigeriaThe song, which is a parody of Childish Gambino’s This Is Americaaddressed corruption, abuse of power, prostitution, and other vices in the country. Due to its candid message, the song became an anthem around the world and earned the recognition of foreign artists such as P.Diddy who endorsed it. 

Falz’s first notable act of advocacy was in 2017 when he called out his colleagues in the industry to stop glorifying internet fraud in their music. Of course, this attracted widespread criticism on social media but this didn’t deter him from using his platform as a musician to draw attention to social issues. 

In 2019, Falz released what is arguably his best album, Moral Instruction. The album, containing nine tracks, touches on even more controversial and grey-area conversations like feminism and transactional sex. 

Taking all these into account, it is quite evident that Falz is a masterful influencer. He is an artist who knows how to create relevant music whenever the opportunity arises. 

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This article was first published on 16th April 2020


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