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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Edirin Edewor

The term Social Media Influencer is synonymous with people who have had some level of impact in their fields within the social media space. No matter their field, they merit the name once they have succeeded in leveraging social media to influence a considerable number of individuals. 

Today, we recognize Edirin Edewor as our Social Media Influencer of the Week due to her achievements and influence on authors in Nigeria.

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Edirin Edewor is a two-time Amazon Bestselling Authora Mindset and Author’s Coach, and an Entrepreneur. Her target audience are three types of entrepreneurs:

  • Those who want to publish their books and establish their brands,
  • AUTHORPRENUERS who want to sell their books to make a profit as well as create extra streams of income 
  • Budding and underpaid entrepreneurs in the service industry who want to gain influence and create profitable personal brands. 

Edirin was recognised as one of Nigeria’s most influential young people in 2019. This is because of how successful she has been at establishing a brand that enlightens authors about the business of writing, helps them get published, and provides them with a blueprint for marketing their books. 

How a diagnosis led to inspiration

In 2016, Edirin was diagnosed with Early Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis. The implication of this news meant she would no longer be able to use her hand to do normal activities. Her right hand was put in a cast and this affected her Designing and Bead Making jobs which required her to be hands-on. 

Having survived a suicide attempt in 2011 due to depression, Edirin had come to recognise the futility of dwelling on one’s problems. She chose to be positive and optimistic about life despite her diagnosis.

This led her to write and publish her first book on Amazon titled “The Productivity Checklist”. The book became an Amazon Bestseller. 

This marked the beginning of Edirin’s career path as an author.

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A prolific writer and a three-time bestselling author on Amazon 

For a long time, there has been a narrative that Nigerians are not readers. The fact this narrative leaves out is that there is also a problem of Nigerians not having access to platforms for reading books, especially with the digitalization of books.

“My job has been to sensitize Nigerian readers on the value of platforms like Amazon so they can have access to a wider range of books. It’s been working and has paid off with more and more Nigerian publishers becoming aware of the platform, publishing there, and going on to become bestsellers. 

That’s how I’ve done it. I share the value and when more and more people see the value in it, they will join in. The more people have access to the platform, the more they can buy Nigerian books there, and the better our chances of becoming bestsellers. Having a large audience helps as well,”.

She said in an interview with The Sparkle Writers Hub.

Thriving in an age of digitalization

One of the factors that encouraged Edirin to become an author is her ability to reach a large number of people thanks to the digitalisation of books. 

“Today my book has sold in every continent of the world. I have only been to two continents. As an Author, my reach is almost limitless, especially with the age of digital books and international platforms,”

she said. 

Advice for authors 

Edirin believes that every budding author has a right to have a voice and a story to share. According to her, no one can know how good they are until they have tried. In her interview with The Sparkle Writers Hub, she said,

“Today you have information at the tip of your fingers. You can learn anything you want to learn and go execute. The future belongs to those who do. While others are thinking of doing or saying they will DO, you go ahead and just DO”.

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