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  As a Nigerian, I am pretty sure that you know the popular Instagram comedian called Lasisi Elenu who is exceptionally gifted in many ways. Oftentimes he begins his videos with: “Hello everyone, Lasisi is here again and something just happened right now”, a hilarious intro that has become his trademark.
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Known for his wide mouth filters, Lasisi is creative and versatile, and his skits are usually based on societal issues ranging from the law to cybercrime, the economy, insecurity, and so on. His real name is Nosa Afolabi. However, in one of his numerous tweets and skits, he has introduced himself as Olanrenwaju Uthman Akanbi Joshua Peters. His stage name ‘Lasisi’ was derived from his father’s name and ‘Elenu’ from the wide-mouth filter which he uses for his skits; a major unique quality of his character. Furthermore, he was born on the 20th of April, 1989 in Kano State. He hails from Offa in Kwara State. Not much is known about his childhood, his primary or secondary school education as he has not yet revealed it publicly. For his tertiary education, Lasisi attended the University of Ilorin and studied Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering. He, however, decided to carve out a pathway for himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry upon completion of his education. Lasisi had ventured into music at first. He started under the brand name ‘Nature’ and he even released a single titled “What is the Matter”. However, his entry into the country’s music industry proved tough for him, hence he began to do online comedy skits.
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When he began, he had a few supporters who were mostly his friends and neighbours. As they watched him perform, they encouraged him further, and in 2017, he opened an Instagram page under the stage name ‘Lasisi Elenu’. The video that brought him to the limelight was the one he uploaded of him making a rant on potholes. In the video, he comically complained about how rich people react to potholes while driving. This video launched him into Nigeria’s comedy scene with his Instagram followers growing from 200 to 10,000 within a couple of days. This massive increase has continued ever since. Afterwards, another video of his about Nigerian Yahoo boys will go viral and establish his place on many social media platforms. Because of his growing fan base, he is recognized as one of the most sought-after social media influencers. Top companies like Access Bank Plc, Western Lotto, Ciro Entertainment, Squeeze Records, Frost Water, Chronicles of Hush Baby, AmalaArena, etc. have all met him for brand advertisement which he had done satisfactorily. Lasisi Elenu’s influence on social media has made him become a major voice against rape and sexual abuse at the HeartMinders Action Against Rape and other Sexual Abuse which took place on the 24th of February 2018 in Onikan, Lagos. He was also involved in the EndSars protest. Find him on Instagram @lasisielenu. And on Twitter @lasisielenu. Featured Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
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This article was first published on 30th January 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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