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If you love Nigerian comedy, then you would love these instagram comedians. Haven gained popularity with the emergence of social media, they are giving  mainstream comedians a run for their money. SLKomedy
Olu Salako is a Stand-Up Comedian, MC, and actor on Africa Magic Hustle. Olu’s apt and brilliant comic videos on Instagram spark listeners, not only  to laugh, but also think intelligently. Some of the notable aspects of his comedic style are his proficient use of wordplay and the signature greeting which he uses in his skits “omo re bi custard, you are not a bastard”. Josh2funny
Josh2funny makes his appearance with a woman’s dress and an upside down hymn from which he reads. If you want to hear your favourite Nigerian songs get ruined, then watch Instagram skits by Josh2funny. Maraji
When it comes to the ‘queen of Instagram Comedy’, not much has to be said. Gloria Oloruntobi popularly known as Maraji has a way of portraying real-life everyday situations in a humorous manner. Maraji also has the innate ability to mimic anybody alive and she does  this perfectly. With a 2:1 in international relations,  you can’t help but wonder how she managed to pull off such amazing scenes while studying at school.   Craze Clown:
Craze Clown
This brilliant comedian is a medical doctor who became quite famous while still in school. Emmanuel Ogbonna popularly known as Craze clown – in his videos – plays the role of a father who is always outsmarting his mischievous son Ade. With careers both in Medicine and Entertainment, Emmanuel is nothing short of inspirational and very talented.   Lasisi Elenu:
Lasisi Elenu
Lasisi Elenu who just entered the spotlight recently never fails to amuse us with his signature line “hello everybody Lasisi is here again and something just happened right now”. Lasisi uses a snapchat filter that alters his tone of voice to give it a comic effect and changes the shape of his head. This young comedian can rant just about anything under the sun and make it sound hilarious to any curious listener. If you’ve never come across him, watch him rant and you will find yourself really amused.   Feature Image:

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This article was first published on 23rd August 2018


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