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Healthcare in Nigeria may not be where we want it to be at the moment, but there is a lot we can start doing to improve the lives of Nigerians around the country. Here are some establishments by well-meaning Nigerians that have been set up to enlighten the public on health-related issues and provide support where possible.


As the name implies, Doctoora is an engaging platform that is focused on improving health care in Nigeria by addressing three aspects: infrastructure, consultancy, and Tech & Innovative management. The platform is dedicated to providing full-service medical facilities to healthcare providers who want to start a private practice. By integrating more professionals into private, practice, the founder of Doctoora hopes to increase access to healthcare all over Nigeria. If you are a doctor looking to start your own private practice, hit follow on this page to learn some ways you can go about it and get the support you need.



Mental disorders are still quite a misunderstood anomaly by many especially in sub-Saharan Africa but, Asktoks by Toks Bakare is here to change that. is a great platform for parents of children with mental disorders especially Autism to seek guidance and receive treatment anonymously. Through the tried and tested technique of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), Asktoks is set to improve the quality of medical support administered to children with mental disorders. Asktoks also seeks to raise awareness about mental health in Nigeria and eliminate the stigma associated with mental disorders of any kind. Click the follow button to learn more about the platform.


Flying Doctors Nigeria

Founded by a helicopter pilot who is also a medical doctor, Flying Doctors is West Africa’s first air ambulance service established to bring medical support to trauma victims in the most remote parts of Western Africa. The service which is based in Lagos has up to 20 aircraft and 44 doctors who can provide medical care to trauma victims en route to Nigerian hospitals. The founder, Ola Orekurin, has been featured on CNN and BBC for the impact she is making on ambulance service in Nigeria.


25 Doctors Fact

If you love learning about medical facts then 25 Doctors Fact is a great platform for you. 25 Doctors Fact enlightens you about your body and the factors that affect it by providing you with short interesting posts on a daily basis. With over 100,000 followers both home and abroad, the platform has succeeded in encouraging individuals to learn basic things about their bodies in a fun and easy manner. On 25 Doctors, viewers can learn facts about human anatomy, diet and weight loss, lifestyle, life hacks, and many more. Click follow to start learning.


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This article was first published on 20th March 2019


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