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Everyone feels that having six-packs is something to be proud of. It is impressive to look at and you are not going to be body-shamed at all. If you combine a planned diet with actual workout sessions, the muscles around your abdomen will harden and become visible. There are so many abdominal workouts that are effective in achieving strong stomach muscles. In this article, we will discuss only four (4). They include:

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The Bicycle Crunches

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This workout has been proven to be the most effective of all. For this workout, you would have to position yourself by lying on your back with your legs up in the air and four knees pulled to your chest. Make sure to use a yoga mat. Place your fingers behind your ears and lift each side off the floor while straightening one leg and rotating your body. When you rotate, make your elbow reach towards your opposite leg. The reason this particular exercise is effective is that it uses all of the abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis.


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These are often the first exercises people think of when they are targeting their abs. With the help of a balance ball, this exercise will be more effective than a regular crunch. For this exercise, lie on an exercise ball with your hands behind your head and carry out a typical crunch exercise leaning back and using your core muscles to then bring you forward. This exercise also requires balance, which engages smaller ab muscles, making it effective for abs formation.

Dead Bug

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For this one, lie face-up on the floor with your arms straight above your shoulders. Next, bring your knees directly over your hips and bend at the knee so that your calf forms a 90-degree angle with your thigh. After that, lower your left arm above your head while straightening your right leg and sending it towards the floor. Pause, return to the starting position and then repeat on the opposite side.

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Do 14 alternating reps to complete one set. You have to make sure that your lower back stays in contact with the floor, and try to keep your breathing as regular as possible.

Captain’s Chair

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For this particular workout, you would need gym equipment. A captain’s chair would be great. When you want to use the chair, let your legs dangle straight down then raise your knees towards your chest. Engage Now pull your ab muscles towards your spine, and then slowly lower your legs. Repeat.

In conclusion, there are various abdominal exercises, to do in order to develop your six-packs, some of which involve the use of equipment. The exercises discussed in this article are great for the muscle stimulation in the rectus abdominis, the front ab muscles, and the muscles extending from the sides of the abdominal wall.

Abs help you to appear in shape and to keep your posture upright and straight. If you want well-formed six-packs, it would take up to three to twenty months to achieve that goal. Always make sure that your diet supports your workout goals because hours of working out can be undermined by the food you eat.

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This article was first published on 3rd May 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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