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“Things are hard” is becoming a more accepted axiom than ‘the sky is blue’. The economic constraints that threatens the comfort of our time is now a universal experience. Both the wealthy and financially challenged are all bemoaning the situation. Unfortunately, financial gurus are not making any promising predictions for the future. Rather, the glum and doom they foresee can make the strongest heart quake. Now, the amusing thing about this whole situation is that at the same time, the world is seeing its greatest number of prosperous people. The number of young millionaires and even billionaires that are coming up daily is amazing. The truth is that the world is getting poorer and richer at the same time. What then is responsible for this enigma?  I think quite a number of things; better opportunities, technology, globalization, communication and a world of other variables. But my conclusion is that all these ride on the back of one simple criteria, ‘knowledge’. Truth be told, it’s what you know that will make you rich, and likewise, what you don’t know that will make you poor. If you must make progress, you must gain the knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities open to you. The future is open to the person that will do what it takes to get the knowledge to secure it. One such source will be the strategy training session being organized by House on the Rock on Saturday the 24th of June at the Rock Cathedral Lekki by 10am tagged ‘Secure the Future’. If you are in Lagos, don’t miss it. It features Ifeanyi Adefarasin of HOTR and keynote speaker, Nimi Akinkugbe, founder and CEO of ‘Bestman games Ltd’. There will also be workshop sessions with Chukwuma Nwanze, CEO Arkounting, Chike Nwagwu, CEO Novus Agro Ltd. Olabode Abikoye, Executive director Bank of Agriculture, Samuel Egube, Chairman, Altassit Ltd, Nneka Okekearu, Deputy Director, Enterprise Development Center and so many other entrepreneurial and economic authorities. If you have any real desire to gain the kind of knowledge that will help you secure your future, then there is nowhere else to be on Saturday the 24th of June, 2017  than at House on the Rock Cathedral Lekki. Note: You will have to register in order to attend. Click here to register.

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This article was first published on 19th June 2017

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