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Reality TV shows are one of the most obsessed kind of shows because they are very relatable and reflect the society. Sponsors see them as a way to examine the behavior of different individuals, with the aim of entertainment and education. It is very easy to create fan love and have favorites on these shows, due to different variables. It could be based on how they look, a common or shared interest, ethnicity, skill or any other means. Nigeria has hosted a number of shows and here are some of them:

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Maltina Dance All

Maltina Dance All was a great way to bring family and friends together, as it was a dance competition that featured families as they danced their way through different dance genres. The show begins with an audition, and upon selection, different dance routines are done by the participants to reflect culture, history and trends. Some of the dances include salsa, hip hop, mimes, cultural dance among others. It was aired for 9 seasons.

MTN Project Fame

MTN Project Fame is a music reality show that features contestants from all over Africa. It began in 2008 with weeks of auditions and then a Gala night is set where the best performing contestants will be featured and picked to join and be trained by the Academy. There were voice coaches and judges who fine tuned these talents, and made them perform each week, until a winner emerges. It aired for 9 years, but has since then provided sensational music arts who have become instrumental to the industry.

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Nigeria’s Got Talent

Nigeria’s Got Talent was a versatile show sponsored by Airtel Nigeria with the aim to pick the best talent out of Nigeria. Different genres of entertainment would be featured and based on certain criteria, the most outstanding talent will become the overall winner. It also begins with an audition by the judges.

Malta Guinness Street Dance

Malta Guinness Street Dance is a street dance contest held in Africa and was hosted subsequently in Nigeria, Kenya and Mauritius. It involves a team of dances who sought to give hope to dance crews by rewarding their talents. Many dance crews go head to head in this competition, with an emerging winner. It begins with an audition, and then a series of dance performances until a winner is selected.

Koko Mansion

Koko Mansion was a reality show put together by Dbanj in 2009 in collaboration with HiTV. It ran for eight weeks with different girls from all over Nigeria, residing in an art mansion in Lagos.

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The women were tasked with different activities, and a winner will be picked based on her composure, understanding of etiquettes, virtues and charisma. The winner will be selected and goes home with a diamond ring, convertible car and a cash prize. The show aired for 2 years.

Amstel Malta Box Office

Also known as AMBO, Amstel Malta Box Office is a Nigerian television reality show launched in 2005 and sponsored by the Nigerian Breweries, the largest brewing company in Nigeria. The show featured different talents who were seeking entrance into Nollywood, given different acting tasks and genres until a winner is selected. This show has been instrumental to great talents now featuring in Nollywood.

Reality TV shows, depending on the content and their context will always be Nigeria’s favorites and help raise different individuals to limelight. Which of these shows were your favorites?

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This article was first published on 27th April 2022


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