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1-Why work so hard to get a degree, and then end up not using it? 2-Why is it that the rich wage wars, but it is the poor who dies? 3-Without attached value, money is only paper and ink, so why die for it? 4-Why does the word ‘read’ have the same spelling with its past tense? 5-Why do we build beautiful houses and block its beauty with high fences? 6-Why does PHCN withhold power at the slightest sign of rain? 7-Why is Nigeria called the giant of Africa and yet there is a lot of instability? 8- Why is it that Nigerians are so religious, yet we see no balance or unity? 9- Why do humans criticize what they can’t achieve or conquer? 10- Will money ever quench the hunger of greedy people? 11- If we really practice gender equality, why are there so few women in leadership roles? 12-When will the current death toll in the north be considered genocide? 13- Why do people scream so loud when making calls when the microphone is right near their mouths? 14 Why do people misjudge prudence for been stingy? 15- Why is Nigeria as a country, referred to as “SHE”? 16- Why do humans crave or get addicted to unhealthy things like alcohol? 17- With the high level of literacy why does ignorance still reign? 18- What are the factors used to classify one as a left- or right- brained person? 19- Why is there no past or present tense in Pidgin English? 20- Why do we set standards for people that we ourselves cannot reach?   Be the change you want to see in the World.

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This article was first published on 4th May 2013 and updated on May 19th, 2013 at 1:18 pm

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