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  Musicians onboard the Publiseer platform can start making money from their streams on SoundCloud. “Any time someone streams their tracks on Soundcloud, they earn,” says Dapo Ogundipe, Head of Content Review and Distribution at Publiseer.
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“Just as we distribute to over 400 digital service providers, we have added SoundCloud to our distribution channel, and our artists can view their earning and streaming numbers via our centralized dashboard at the end of every month.”
“With this distribution partnership, we provide SoundCloud accounts for our artists with unlimited uploads, thus removing any restrictions so we can distribute as many songs and of any length on SoundCloud for any artists we work with, and this is at no charge to the artist as usual,”
says Stephen Oduntan, Head of Promotions and Publicity at Publiseer.
“For current artists on our platform, nothing has to be done on their side. We will automatically opt them for this distribution except otherwise expressed by them.”
In addition to Publiseer’s partnership with SoundCloud, the digital distribution company has partnered with CapCut to take the music of thousands of its artists to the ears of millions of content creators around the world using CapCut. CapCut is a video editing app created by the parent company of TikTok, which offers an extensive editing tool to more than 200 million people monthly.
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“With this partnership, the songs of our artists will be sent to CapCut just as we do with more than 400 digital service providers,” says Chidi Nwaogu, one of the founders of Publiseer.
“Since CapCut is used by millions of users, distributing the music of our artists will help them earn each time their songs are selected, and their earning potential is extremely high since the rise of the popularity of YouTube Shorts, TikTok videos, and Instagram Reels. Who knows? This can make their songs go viral.”
“Just like SoundCloud, our artists don’t need to do anything from their end for their music to get to CapCut. We automatically do this for their previous releases, including their future releases except they opt out manually,”
says Stephen.
“This builds on our mission to empower the African continent through its young people, and to simultaneously change the African narrative by promoting the beautiful culture and heritage of the African people to the rest of the world, one content at a time.”

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Publiseer is a digital platform that helps independent and underserved African writers, musicians, filmmakers, and video game developers, typically those from low-income and disadvantaged communities, to earn above the minimum wage and live above the poverty line from the sales of their creative works. The platform does this by helping these African creators distribute, protect, promote, and monetize their creative works worldwide, at no charge, with just a single click.
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This article was first published on 6th February 2024

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