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  Many social media influencer marketers have great futures in the industry. Unfortunately, major brands do not reach out to them despite the fact that they can give better results. In addition, these influencers efforts to gain visibility is most times unfruitful. This is usually the harsh reality that they meet with.
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While the best thing to do as an influencer is to get a team of people or a social media manager to handle their page, here are five great ways to position yourself as an influencer marketer in 2021;
  1. Aesthetic

The first look of the social media page can attract or push away potential brands. While there are few diamonds in the rough that are able to stand out regardless of the aesthetics, it is advisable for social media influencer marketers not to take that chance. Invest in a pleasing aesthetic. This ranges from the mode of posting videos, reels, write-ups, and even highlights. This is a great way brands notice a potential social media influencer marketer that they intend to work with.
  1. A Central Theme

The truth remains that most influencers need a central team to hold all their uploads together. It might be food, luxury or tourism. Whatever it is, ensure that this single theme runs through your entire uploads. Brands easily reach influencer marketers with a single theme that relates to their own brand message because there is a higher likelihood of having followership that would purchase the products or service.
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  1. One Page Websites

As a matter of necessity, every social media influencer marketer must have a one-page website. This one-page website should carry a brief description of the social media influencer marketer profile, the services they offer and how to book consultations with them. This one-page website can also be used for advertisements of products and services the social media influencer marketer also offers.
  1. Payment Accounts

A lot of social media influencer marketers have moved to some questionable websites to get sponsorship, however, they should endeavour to have other payment avenues and consider various options like Patron. This is so that brands that want to sponsor or partner would have easy avenues to do that. Brands also want to have secured payment options while working with social media influencer marketers and having this in place helps to strengthen a social media influencer marketers character to the public.
  1. Rinse And Repeat

Consistency is key! Every top social media influencer marketer has learned to be consistent at all they do. To see growth, it is your job to rinse and repeat. That is, to make sure that these tips are regularly and continually customised to fit into the current brand outlook. However, there are solutions that assist social media managers to position themselves so as to increase visibility towards brands they aim to work with. While these tips are not a one size fits all, social media influencer marketers are advised to customise these ideas to fit their brands and followership. Featured Image Source: Tech Studio Jax
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This article was first published on 31st August 2021


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