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By Nehi Igbinijesu.
Silhouettes from another life A people removed from problems Absorbed far with themselves Amnesia saturated And away from the crowd   No police, landlords or NEPA No headliners,no crashes And no political mischievers Wait o! No curfews State of emergencies And slicky oil shippers   No dealt opened dams With handshakes that spoil Tots of dreams No raped damsels And sons flood furtive   No lockjams, Fewer disagreements More money, less troubles Utopia finally arrived   Then tap, tap The fingers demand “Come back to the wicked world” Guy, wake up!   This Poem is part of the anthology of 30 Poems titled: “Dirges of The Niger” By Nehi Igbinijesu.

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This article was first published on 30th November 2012

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