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Time…Time…Time What a privilege to note your existence, Your performance is never unequal. One time, you seem like a ‘slow and steady’ wins the race Another time, it’s like you build up enormous speed like a jet in the runway…O Precious time, Why art thou insatiable, No matter how big or small thy size is, You are a marvel, you never change. And when it gets tough on your path, and your power is weak, You stop strong, proving your self right but twice.O Time, Your ways are your bond, A travesty of justice is not you, You never under appreciate nor impress, You are you. Man is free to interpret you from a bulls eye, hawk eye or even a pigs eyes, still indifference you ooze. Money rules the world…thus could buy anything, But an exception is you, Money can’t buy you even in your seconds, But with you, money is bought So it’s said that you are money…TIME IS MONEY It’s often said… HOW TIME FLIES I wonder if you own a ghost wing, Your speed is the same, You are your own competition, You rule from a rest point of view. O Time, You’re worth my thirst, You are never over nor enough.
About the Writer: Dhaureyz is currently a student of Mass Communication in Abia State University (ABSU), an avid reader, poet and Writer about anything and everything. Follow her on Instagram @dhaureyzukaonu, on Twitter@dhaureyz and Facebook with ‘Dhaureyz Ukaonu

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This article was first published on 17th November 2015

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