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Not many conferences or speakers offer straightforward practical methods that reveal secrets on how to get things done. However, in this program tagged the Writing Flipped bootcamp, award-winning Okechukwu Ofili will be hosting a one-day workshop on the no nonsense, no BS guide to publishing.

Known for applying unconventional methods that have yielded proven results in writing and publishing, the host will in ten modules cover:

  1. How to write without writing.
  2. How to design a book cover using only Microsoft word and a secret but free website (live demo).
  3. How to market your stupidity.
  4. How to build a website without writing a single line of code (live demo).
  5. How to write for the top blogs in the country.
  6. How to get testimonials from celebrities.
  7. How to take a sexy photoshoot even though you are not sexy (live exercise/demo).
  8. How to make money from writing.
  9. Learn how to get 1000+ key people (not fake or bought) following you on social media in less than 6 months! Guaranteed!
  10. Learn how to use your speeches and presentations to generate product sales (This has seen the author consistently sell out my books at events.)

The event will take place on Saturday the 24th of September, 2016 at Pearl Court Hotel, Parkview Estate, Lagos from 8am to 8pm at a registration fee of ₦19,500 only. For more details, log on to

Mr. Ofili is an author, engineer, and speaker and the founder of Okadabooks, a mobile book-reading app with a publishing system that makes it easy to for writers to create, publish and distribute their ebooks which won the MTN App of the Year in 2013. He has self-published three books: How Stupidity Changed My Life, How Laziness Changed My Life, and How Intelligence Kills; and blogs about writing, education, business, entrepreneurship and politics at where he inspires readers to think and act differently.


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This article was first published on 19th September 2016


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