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Taking a look back at things we’ve loved and lost, I tend to remember the snacks I loved to eat, movies I loved to watch, cartons that made me happy, toys I always had an updated version of and lots more. Now that social media has taken over the most fun parts of our modern lives, I cannot help but look back on the simple and complicated things I miss.

Now some of these things are still reachable and some are considered extinct but I will take them by category.

Today is based on what I used to eat that is completely legendary to my stomach walls; The snacks we bought in school, the food we ate at home or bought on the road, the local Mallam kiosk and so much more.

These are a list of the good ol’ eats that I’m dreaming about right now.

Chocomilo:Now this is a sort of candy but I always called it the “cubed Milo”. It tastes like the energy drink everyone knows so well but it’s in tiny bites of choco-heaven.


Goody-Goody: “Goody-goody so goody goody, so chewy chewy.” this was the intro to the all so famous jingle. Sometimes I believe the advertisement made me like goody goody much more than I should especially since it was so chewy – like the catchphrase in the ad states – and it gets stuck in your teeth. But there was something I indulged with goody-goody and it’s my number three.

Big bite: Not this was the snickers of my time. It was peanuts wrapped in a sticky brown substance I believe to be caramel. If you want to make a meal out of it, wrap it in the before mentioned (goody-goody) and eat to your fulfillment.

Baba dudu: A lot of people might not know of this candy but it’s not the sort you find in a supermarket. This is the local candy you find in a Mallam’s kiosk. This is the original “sweet” Getting its name from the black color of the candy. It is wrapped in transparent nylons till it forms a string. The more money you are willing to spend, the longer your baba dudu string is. This “sweet” doesn’t have the best taste but it was addictive to an extent.

Gala Sausage Rolls

Gala: This was pure gold! It was the snack of a lifetime. Right now I do not indulge myself but back then, boy was I addicted. This sausage roll was the easiest snack to buy when you are stuck in traffic. I could go through 2 or 3 a day.

Roasted yam, palm oil and pepper: I haven’t eaten this in over 10 years. I was introduced to it through the stress of traffic. It was a delicacy and it tasted fantastic. This was not a hunger fantastic but it was a fantastic of let’s buy it every day.

Éclairs: When I hear the word éclairs now I think of the pastry that is filled with chocolate that a fat chef somewhere in France made. But back then, éclairs was a Nigerian candy that a company called Cadbury made. It was chewy and smack in the middle there was a chocolate mould in it.

Okin Biscuits

Okin Biscuit: This came in two teams. I was team Okin square but I understood the love for Okin round. Now this was the cookies of my younger days. You buy this with Fanta or Coke and everything else was just by the way; refreshing, filling and all so exciting.

Ice cream: I’m sure you are wondering why ice cream, but this isn’t just any ice cream; this is the ice cream a man on a bicycle sells. Although it was filled with yogurt, we just called it all ice cream because they all had similar tastes and it was cold. But after every school session every day, you had to have at least one. My pick was “Super Yogo”.

The real Fries: This includes puff puff, chin chin, buns and the likes. All you need to do is find the perfect fryer and you were good to go.

Do you feel I have missed a lot? I know I have but be nostalgic with me. Share your good ol’ eats by commenting below!

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This article was first published on 23rd March 2012 and updated on May 10th, 2012 at 3:44 pm


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