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Seasoned saxophonist and multiple award winning Nigerian jazz artiste, Mike Aremu is back with an enthralling and captivating double CD album titled, “Coat of Many Colours” after an eight-year break he took after releasing two albums, “No Shaking-Kosofo” and “Unveiled” in 2006. and we are soooooo excited that he is back. The album, “Coat of Many Colours” is the latest of Mike Aremu’s album and featured some notable stars such as MI, Sasha and Chidinma amongst others. “The Vow” is one of the songs on the album that is most dear to Mike Aremu’s heart. The video was shot in Oxford, England and was directed by Uvi Orogun. I particularly love The Vow’s theme. The song talks about the vow a bride makes to her groom and vice versa and I believe it is a perfect reference to the vow Jesus made to his bride, the church and the vow the bride, the church makes to his groom. I like that it was sung in English and then translated and sung again in Yoruba. I am sure worship singers in churches will appreciate this wonderful addition to their list of worship songs. With this spiritually-gripping perfect jazz gospel song, Mike Aremu has Connect Nigeria’s five stars! I have always loved Mike Aremu’s beautiful instrumentals. This did not disappoint. If you are Nigerian and you love classical music made by Mozart, Beethoven or Bach, Mike Aremu is our very own modern classical music icon and you should listen and watch this music video not only now but over and over again. Enjoy and share:

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This article was first published on 15th August 2015

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