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nafca The Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards, also known as NAFCA, is an accolade bestowed by the Nollywood Film Critics USA (the official movie review organization for Nollywood and African movies) to recognize the excellence of professionals in the African film industry, including directors, actors, writers and humanitarians. It is one of the most prominent award ceremonies in North America for the African movie industry,  and the only awards to boast of over 100 African movie stars and filmmakers from around the world for the greatest African movie awards event in North America. nafca 6 The list of nominees can be found below. The winners will be announced live on September 14th at a red-carpet event at the legendary Warner Theatre in Washington D.C. The prestigious African Oscars -NAFCA are presented by Nollywood & African Film Critics USA. This year’s award promises to the biggest ever and will be graced by over 200 actors and filmmakers. In attendance will be African dignitaries, diplomats and business leaders. Please visit here for tickets, donations and sponsorship information. GENERAL CATEGORIES Best Film 1. Alan Poza 2. Ninah’s Dowry 3. Weekend Getaway 4. One Night in Vegas 5. Le Silence Pure Best Indigenous Film 1. The Blessed Curse 2. The Hands of Fate 3. Le Silence Pure 4. Deceit of the gods Best Drama 1. Alan Poza 2. The Hunters 3. Le Silence Pure 4. Weekend Getaway 5. Ninah’s Dowry Best Comedy 1. Alan Poza 2. Mrs. Somebody 3. American Mama 4. Wife for Ozobia 5. Unguarded Best Docu-Drama 1. A Wish-Breast Cancer 2. The Hand of Fate- HIV 3. Boys Cry-Bullying 4. Ninah’s Dowry-Dowry 5. Le Silence Pure BestTV/Online Series 1. Wife for Ozobio 2. African Connection 3. Adams Apples Best Short Film / Trailer 1. Fetus 2. Unspoken 3. Hungry For You Honey 4. Five Best Cinematography 1. A Wish 2. Alan Poza 3. Ninah’s Dowry 4. Weekend Getaway 5. One Night in Vegas Best Screenplay 1. Letters to My Mother 2. Boys Cry 3. Alan Poza 4. Ninah’s Dowry 5. One Night in Vegas Best Editing 1. Weekend Getaway 2. Alan Poza 3. Ninah’s Dowry 4. One Night in Vegas 5. Boys Cry Best Sound 1. Page 36 2. Ninah’s Dowry 3. Turning Point 4. One Night in Vegas 5. Boys Cry Best Original Score 1. America The True Dream-The Fetus 2. Crazy World-Somewhere in Baltimore 3. Zahara Loliwe-Pink Poison 4. False Engagement-False Engagement 5. Pariwo-Mind of the Enemy Best Visual Effects 1. The Blessed Curse 2. One Night in Vegas 3. The Hunters 4. Temperamental 5. The Fetus Best Costume 1. The Price 2. Unguarded 3. Page 36 4. African Connection 5. Le Silence Pure Best Makeup 1. The Blessed Curse 2. The Fetus 3. Temperamental 4. Ninah’s Dowry 5. The Price Best Actor in leading Role 1. Majid Michel – The Price 2. Ramsey Nouah-Weekend Getaway 3. Adjetey Anang – The Hunters 4. Jim Iyke-Blood or Wine 5. Anurin Nwunembom-Ninah’s Diary Best Actress in leading role 1. Beverly Naya-Alan Poza 2. Jackie Appiah-The Hunters 3. Iretiola Doyle– Torn 4. Mbufung Seikeh-Ninah’s Diary 5. Genevieve Nnaji-Weekend Getaway Best Actor in Supporting role 1. Adjetey Annang-Letters to My Mother 2. Eddie Watson-Letters to My Mother 3. John Ijie-The Hands of Fate 4. Kofi Adjorlolo-The Price 5. Uti Nwachkwu-Weekend Getaway Best Actress in supporting role 1. Kalsume Sinare-The Price 2. Patience Ozokwor – American Mama 3. Ini Edo-Weekend Getaway 4. Beverly Naya-Weekend Getaway 5. Monalisa Chinda-Weekend Getaway Best Child Actor in a Film 1. Oley Saidykhan -The Hands of Fate 2. Elijah Kondeh-Boys Cry 3. Boakai Kimbo-Boys Cry 4. Ceareh Hamilton–Boys Cry 5. Marisha Nayee-Angel & the Mailman Best Director in a Film 1. Charles Novia-Alan Poza 2. Pascal Amanfo- Letters to My Mother 3. Tom Robson-Mrs. Somebody 4. Desmond Elliot –Weekend Getaway 5. Victor Viyuoh-Ninah’s Dowry DIASPORA CATEGORIES Best film in Diaspora 1. Le Silence Pure 2. Page 36 3. One Night in Vegas 4. Boys Cry 5. Unguarded Best Drama Diaspora Film 1. Turning Point 2. Page 36 3. Boys Cry 4. Unguarded 5. One Night in Vegas Best Screenplay Diaspora Film 1. Turning Point 2. Page 36 3. One Night in Vegas 4. Boys Cry 5. Unguarded Best Cinematography Diaspora Film 1. Turning Point 2. Page 36 3. One Night in Vegas 4. Black Money 5. Le Silence Pure Best Actor in leading role Diaspora Film 1. Igoni Archibong-Turning Point 2. Pascal Atuma- Secret Past 3. Egbi Perez-Page 36 4. Montel Swaray-Temperamental 5. John Dumelo – One Night in Vegas Best Actress in leading role Diaspora 1. Yvonne Nelson –One Night in Vegas 2. Jackie Appiah-Turning Point 3. Uche Jombo- Unguarded 4. Marie Solo Peters– Le Silence Pure 5. Fatima Koroma – Nurses from Hell Best Actor in Supporting role Diaspora Film 1. Ernie Hudson- Turning Point 2. Jimmy Jean Louis-One Night in Vegas 3. Ash Da Vito-African Connection 4. Van Vicker – One Night in Vegas 5. Michael Blackson- One Night in Vegas Best Actress in supporting role Diaspora Film 1. Merlisa Langellier -Page 36 2. KD Hubert-Turning Point 3. Sarodj Bertin–One Night in Vegas 4. Gloria Washington- Nurses From Hell 5. Chisom Oz Lee – Unguarded Best Director in Diaspora Film 1. Mitchel A Jones–Boys Cry 2. John Uche-One Night In Vegas 3. Robert Peters– Le Silence Pure 4. Don Okolo-Page 36 5. Bethels Aguomoh-Ungurded NOLLYWOOD & AFRICAN PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS Favorite Actor · Benedict Johnson · Joseph Benjamin · Majid Michel · Emmanuel Mensah · Chamberlyne Okoro Favorite Actress · Ify Hollywood · Omotola Ekehinde · Fatima Jabbe · Monalisa Chinda · Queen Amina Favorite Director · Kule Afolayan · Prinze Whyee · Ibrahim Ceesay · Pascal Amanfo · Kathryn Fasegha Favorite Screenwriter · Emem Isong · Andrew Campbell · Pascal Amanfo Favorite Male Artiste Diaspora · Koby Maxwell · Sky J · Dacapo Favorite Female Artiste Diaspora · Katumbella · Twissa · Soleil Diva · Uba Unwudiwe Favorite Artiste of the Year · Yemi Sax · 2 Face Idibia · P Square Favorite Song of the Year · 2 Face Idibia · Flavour Favorite Video of the Year · Timaya · P Square · Flavour THE NAFCA SPECIAL HONORS The NAFCA Special Honors was established in 2011 by the Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards to grace the lives and achievements of African luminaries. These honorary awards are awarded to recognize contributions over the whole of a career, rather than or in addition to single contributions of an individual. Presentations of The NAFCA Special Honors are made yearly during the second weekend in September at the Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards also known as the African Oscars. The award categories include: • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS • IMAGE AWARDS • PATRIOT AWARDS Lifetime Achievement Awards · HE Hon. President Jonathan E. Goodluck (Federal Republic of Nigeria) · HE Hon. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Republic of Liberia) Image Awards ·HE Hon. First Lady Dr. Patience Goodluck (Federal Republic of Nigeria) ·Amobi Okoye – Humanitarian (USA) ·Curtis Jackson – Humanitarian (USA) ·Hon. Speaker Tambuwal-Humanitarian (Federal Republic of Nigeria) Special NAFCA Patriot Awards ·Hon. Engr. Noah Dallaji – Humanitarian (Nigeria) ·Hon. Kabiru Nuhu Poloma – Humanitarian Nollywood Friendly (Nigeria) ·Hon. Prince Tom Ateke – Humanitarian/Nollywood Friendly (Nigeria)

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