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  Hmmm! It’s not a small something. Well, actually, it all started a two day ago, which I’m in my house, so a small hungry is catching me, so I look in the house nothing much to chop only small plantain which I’ve not fried before. So, I tell myself to fry it and chop, as I’m frying that plantain so, phone ringing, so I look, it’s a faring place, so I now run, which I reach there, it’s my father which call, so I now say, father call after, plantain frying. I keep it. So now, I now turn around, as I turn around, all of a suddenliness everywhere in my house have turn to smoke. Children of God as I’m approaching, smoke is biging, smoke is just biging biging. It’s a fearing thing o!, if it’s you self, you’ll fearing. So I now call on my God, I sing his sing which daddy say make we dey sing. The sing did not work oh! Smoke is still biging make I talk true.   So I now call the name of Jesus three times. I shout Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! All of a miraculously, smoke start to be vanishing, to where? I no know. It’s a miracle thing.   Smoke start to small, small, small. Then, my plantain have burn to ashes. Hallelujah. But my main testimony today be say, I chop that charcoal and nothing happen to me, church praise the Lort”.    

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This article was first published on 23rd April 2012 and updated on April 24th, 2012 at 3:31 pm


Dami is the editor and business developer for she is an On-Air Personality and also an Artist with a focus in sculpting and pottery.

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