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In Nigeria, there are various modelling contests organized for aspiring models to show their talent. The models do not only showcase their talent but are handsomely rewarded when they emerge as winners.
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The advantages of participating in modelling competitions are enormous. A few advantages are: 
  • The models usually get modelling gigs after the contests.
  •  It launches or skyrockets the model’s career.
  • Whether the models win or not, they become better at modelling. Most modelling contests train the models on various aspects of the trade.
  • They come in contact with major stakeholders in the fashion industry. Therefore, they have the opportunity to diversify their income.
Participating in modelling contests is usually not an easy feat. For some modelling contests, the participants have to go through a closed-door audition. Some might not even get the chance to show their face and talent to the world. The requirements for most modelling competitions are not cumbersome. There are the basic things a model should have. There are:
  • You must be a Nigerian.
  • You must be between 18-26 years old.
  • You must be single and not pregnant.
  • You must have a certain body type, depending on the type of contest.
  • You will be asked to purchase a form. The price is usually between five to ten thousand naira only.
One can only become a model in Nigeria when given the platform to showcase their talent. Modelling competitions take care of this.
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There are two broad categories of modelling contests. The popular and unpopular contests.
  • Popular contests are usually televised. They are attended by dignitaries within and outside Nigeria. The prize is usually more. They also provide the models with more opportunities after the contest. Examples are MBGN, Miss Nigeria, etc. 
  • The unpopular contests are not televised. They are organized by a group of people who are usually not very wealthy. The prizes are low and they do not provide many opportunities for the participants after the contest. Examples are contests done in University, intra and inter-department, and faculty.
This article will however focus on popular modelling contests in Nigeria.
  1. Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant

Miss Nigeria beauty contest is an annual contest that began in 1957. Miss Nigeria is not the same modelling contest as MBGN. The competition is usually held in the last quarter of every year at Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos Nigeria. The contest was designed to showcase beauty and intelligence, boost confidence, and expose other potentials in Nigerian women. The beauty pageant usually witnesses a large turnout of dignitaries from across Nigeria and some parts of the world. 
  1. Esther Beauty Pageant – The Christian Queen Nigeria

Esther Beauty Pageant (EBP) is a Christian beauty pageant that promotes morals, decency, and integrity without nudity. It has enriched the lifestyle of thousands of Nigerians with cars, meal packets, trips abroad, and many more.
  1. Miss Africa Calabar

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The contest, like Miss Africa beauty pageants, are among the activities designed to empower young women and give them a voice through beauty competitions. The winner of the Miss Africa Calabar beauty pageant is greatly awarded and accorded respect and recognition.
  1. Miss Petite Nigeria 

It is a beauty pageant established to address this injustice by allowing everybody irrespective of height to participate in the competition. Miss Petite Nigeria Pageant is the liveliest contest in Nigeria because it gives ladies who are 5ft 6 inches below the opportunity to participate. Contestants from various states in Nigeria organize primaries after which one person will be selected to represent the state in the grand finale of the competition.


All aspiring models should familiarise themselves with the numerous beauty pageants organized in Nigeria. Make sure you have the requirements, follow every instruction carefully and you might be Nigeria’s Next Top Model.


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This article was first published on 10th June 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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