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The teaser for a new Nigerian animated series- Malika: Warrior Queen has been released. The series is an adaptation of award-winning graphic novel series- Malika & E.X.O. written by Roye Okupe, CEO of YouNeek Studios.

About the comic

The full animated series is a historical fantasy epic set in 15th century Africa, featuring magical swords, dragons, love, betrayal, and politics. Malika: Warrior Queen tells the story of the Queen’s exploits in her struggle to keep the peace in her ever-expanding empire. The unusual circumstances that led to Malika’s inheriting the throne results in a split in the Kingdom of Azzaz. Although a fictional empire, familiar medieval African states surround Azzaz, like the Oyo, Nri, and Benin Kingdoms to the south, the Songhai Empire and Timbuktu to the west, and the Kongo to the east. After several years of civil war, she finally unites all of Azzaz, expanding her domain into one of the largest empires in all of West Africa.

However, expansion comes with a cost. Azzaz begins to make enemies both within and outside its territory, including the worlds fiercest superpower- the Ming Dynasty. Malika is then caught between quelling the clandestine civil war within her empire and fighting off the invincible foe that plans to annihilate her entire people.

Roye Okupe.

About Roy Okupe

Roye Okupe quit his day job to found Youneek Studios in 2012. He is the writer/creator and publisher of Malika, and will be working with Niyi Akinmolayan (Executive Producer), Godwin Akpan (Senior Digital Artist), Eri Umusu (Lead CG Artist), and Fem D (Composer) on the project. He talks about his comic below:

You can contribute to the series by visiting here.

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This article was first published on 26th July 2018


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