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  The beauty industry in Nigeria has continued to surprise us with their dedication to producing indigenous beauty brands that are not only relevant in the national beauty market but even on the global scene. Every now and then we see the birth and development of different beauty brands. From indigenous foundations, to lipsticks, highlighters, eye shadow pallettes, eye pencils and so many more, Nigerian beauty brands are doing their best. In this article are 6 Made-in-Nigeria cosmetic brands:
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  1. House of Tara
House of Tara will definitely sit first on this list. It is often called the pacesetter in the Nigerian beauty industry. It is the most popular Nigerian and African makeup brand, and even the most recognized in the world. The brand is owned by Tara Fela-Durotoye, the wife of a former presidential aspirant and established businessman, Fela Durotoye. This makeup brand has kept growing stronger since it was established. They have succeeded in creating make up items needed for females that want to glam themselves. Every brand is not without challenges, and House of Tara has talked against the sale of counterfeit beauty products in Nigeria.
  1. Zaron Cosmetics
  The next on this list, Zaron cosmetics, has almost an equal footing with House of Tara. It is also very popular and they have strong roots in the Nigerian beauty industry. Zaron cosmetics was created in 2011 and since their inception, they can boost of creating quality and a wide range of beauty products, which are available in their outlets in Nigeria and Africa in general. They are popular for creating lipsticks and powder.
  1. Toas Cosmetics
Toas cometics is relatively new, but they have shown dedication to producing and establishing their brand name on the Nigerian beauty scene. They are also committed to making a name for themselves, little wonder their liquid lipstick was featured on Dupethat’s Instagram page, one of the world’s leading beauty influencers. Taos cosmetics has a lot of make-up products to their name already.
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  1. Yanga Beauty
Yanga beauty is also popularly known as #Browlution. ‘Yanga’ is a pidgin word that means ‘showing off your style’. The intention of the brand is to create products everyone can wear and be proud of. They started their operation in 2016 and people can’t seem to get enough for their products. They have a large variety in matte and metallic lip creams and eyebrow products.  
  1. Nuban Beauty
Nuban beauty is popularly known for their amazing pro blending sponges which are a perfect dupe to the original beauty blender. They also have eye shadow palettes which are now trending. They embrace tan and brown skin tones, and have released an impressive line of skin care products.
  1. Zikel Cosmetics
Zikel cosmetics was founded by  Kelvin Chinedu Ezike on the 17th of December, 2017. Their target market is women, irrespective of color, shape and marital status. They have produced varieties of makeup products. Their line of products have proven to be of good quality and are now in popular demand. Which of these brands have you used before? What was your experience? Source: Beauty Geek Featured Image Source: Google
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This article was first published on 21st February 2022


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