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By Edward Chizea Nwosisi

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I am so appalled and livid right now with good reason. My laptop is ruined and what makes this even harder to wrap my head around is that it happened at the hands of a so-called professional laptop repairer. I am sickened because if an individual claims to have certain expertise this should reflect when put to the test. I am wondering why this is not the case in this country. I don’t have to think hard to know this individual misrepresented his trade expertise to me and claimed to have more knowledge than he actual does. The question is why be so eager to gain a customer’s trust only to lose it almost immediately?

A question my anger doesn’t allow the brain to proffer an answer and with good reason too. I have been in this position before and it appears in all instances including the present, the damage came with my concomitance. From the radio-nix to the tailor, I have found that common sense isn’t so common and even far worse skilled workmanship is fast waning.

Take one good look around and you would find one individual fronting to be skilled where, eventually as his handwork would evidently show, he is not. His modus operandi appears to be based on trial and error in other to decipher that which ails the challenge in front of him. There are everywhere these days; you need not look too far to run into one. I would be quick to point out that there are actually workmen who know their stuff and are worth their salt. I commend them but steps must be taken to rid the phoneys, as they create not only a bad impression but a “never would I give you kind a try” impression. This I can imagine would be bad for the overall business.

So just how does one detect these ‘bad for everyone’s business’ phoneys? I am quick to concede that it is almost impossible to be able to detect these phoneys. There are some steps that could be taken though to check mate or forestall the phoney disaster.


1) Use only a registered customer service outfit for all repairs. Doing otherwise because of their high cost might prove penny wise, pound fool.

2) When using any unregistered repair man (one man customer service outfit), insist on a guarantee for recompense or restitution in the event of damages to the item for repair.

3) Try fixing the item yourself. Yes! This is ever so possible. There is virtually a how to fix it guide on the internet on any topic. Take advantage of this and see your Do It Yourself (DIY) skill increase. You would find that most times changing a damaged part might just be the problem and like I mentioned earlier common sense isn’t always common.

4) Change the damaged item. This is only if you can afford to do so. Besides once the warranty is spent or lapsed and the item is damaged, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to sell it off and get a new one.


If you decide to keep cost low and continue with your modus vivendi, there are some ways of separating the phoneys from the rest of the part. I have learnt from bitter experience that the ones who are not amenable to reason and disregard your brilliant inputs are the red flags. Steer away from them and even if an agreement has been reached, break it! An easy way to break the agreement is always simply, and this you would find works all the time, by insisting for a guarantee. It kills the braggadocio.

I hope you can learn from my experience, if you have any please share with us. One thing I know only too well is that I won’t fall victim to the luring antics of wishy-washy workmanship. If you are done talking the talk, walk the walk by giving me a guarantee, only then would I truly be convinced of your expertise. What’s the worst that could happen thereafter? You damage my property and end up paying for it; fair game, right?


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This article was first published on 17th April 2012 and updated on May 10th, 2012 at 12:27 pm

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