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  It is no news that social media mistakes are often times unforgettable and unforgivable. It is a common saying that “social media never forgets”. This is so true, as we are in a time when it is very easy to screen record a video, screen shoot a picture and have all sorts of information retention systems without approval. It cuts across every area of activity on socials, including marketing.
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To avoid these mistakes, you have to know them and their implications. This is what this article will do for you. The mistakes to avoid include:
  1. Buying Likes And Followers

You will succeed as a business, whether in products or service, or transformational knowledge based on your authenticity. Fake likes and followers might make you look good at that time, but create an illusion of success. You will be unable to measure your social progress and make any sales with this. Consistent sales thrive on a connection, which is impossible to achieve with the buying of comments, likes and followers.
  1. An Incomplete Bio

Your bio is your opportunity to label yourself exactly how you want to be addressed. You must realize that you might only get a first glance, so you must utilize the opportunity to stand out. It begins from the quality picture on your header to the clickable website on your BIO, your highlights and every other thing people might likely overlook. Let people have a glimpse at all you represent, just by one glance.
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  1. Poor Customer Response System

Instagram, like every social media platform, is fast-paced. For every DM you get on your platform, there are most likely 5 others being sent to others in a similar niche. You need to develop a culture of responding speedily, politely and satisfactorily to your prospects. Let them know indeed that you are in business for their sakes.
  1. Monotonous And Boring Content

Once there is a post that grabs the attention of your prospect, the automatic response is to take a quick look at your page and see what other content you have that might interest them. You have to ensure your feed looks presentable, but much more, your content should be valuable. As you upgrade your IG account, archive content that no longer reflects your brand, and ensure your feed is an adequate representation of your brand.
  1. Setting Your Account To Private

This is just the way to put off your prospects. If you cannot be known, forget about being liked or trusted. You must realize that the Instagram game is a visual one. It thrives on pictures, videos and anything that appeals to the eyes. There is no excuse that permits your account to be set on private for your business. One tip for the road that would inevitably boost your Instagram marketing game is to ensure you utilize all of Instagram features. The algorithm rewards you when they notice you judiciously and effectively use up all of its features. You don’t play it safe with marketing, you go all the way out. Featured Image Source: Froggy Ads
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This article was first published on 10th November 2021


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