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  Social media has transformed the way creative professionals showcase their work and connect with audiences. In Nigeria, a vibrant community of creatives leverages platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share their talents and inspire others. From photographers to fashion designers, these individuals use social media to reach a broader audience and build their personal brands. This post will highlight some of the most inspiring social media accounts for creative professionals in Nigeria, offering a glimpse into their unique styles and contributions to the creative industry.
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8 Inspiring Social Media Accounts for Creative Professionals in Nigeria

  • Bayo Omoboriowo (@bayoomoboriowo)
Bayo Omoboriowo is a celebrated Nigerian photographer whose work captures the essence of Nigerian culture and everyday life. As the official photographer of President Muhammadu Buhari, Bayo’s images are both impactful and insightful. His Instagram feed is a visual journey through Nigeria, highlighting the beauty and diversity of its people and landscapes. Follow him on Instagram at @bayoomoboriowo.
  • Lola Maja (@lolamaja)
Lola Maja is a renowned makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur who has worked with top celebrities and brands in Nigeria and beyond. Her Instagram account is a treasure trove of makeup artistry, beauty tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her work on various film and television sets. Lola’s expertise and passion for beauty make her a must-follow for anyone interested in the industry. Follow her on Instagram at @lolamaja.
  • Denola Grey (@denolagrey)
Denola Grey is a fashion consultant, writer, and media personality known for his impeccable style and fashion insights. His Instagram account is a blend of fashion inspiration, style tips, and snapshots of his personal life. Denola’s keen eye for fashion and his ability to effortlessly mix classic and contemporary styles make him an influential figure in the Nigerian fashion scene. Follow him on Instagram at @denolagrey.
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  • Zina Anumudu (@ozinna)
Zina Anumudu is a fashion entrepreneur and style influencer who curates one of Nigeria’s most stylish Instagram feeds. As the founder of, a platform that celebrates African fashion, Zina’s account is a source of endless fashion inspiration and style tips. Her ability to blend traditional African fashion with modern trends makes her a significant voice in the industry. Follow her on Instagram at @ozinna.
  • Victor Ehikhamenor (@victorsozaboy)
Victor Ehikhamenor is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans painting, photography, and writing. His art is heavily influenced by traditional African motifs and contemporary themes. Victor’s Instagram account is a gallery of his thought-provoking works, exhibitions, and creative process. His contributions to the art world have made him a respected figure in both Nigeria and internationally. Follow him on Instagram at @victorsozaboy.
  • Arese Ugwu (@smartmoneyarese)
Arese Ugwu is a financial literacy advocate, author, and entrepreneur known for her work in promoting financial education in Nigeria. Through her platform, Smart Money Africa, Arese empowers individuals, especially women, to take control of their finances. Her Instagram account is filled with financial tips, motivational quotes, and insights from her personal finance journey. Follow her on Instagram at @smartmoneyarese.
  • Kelechi Amadi-Obi (@kelechiamadiobi)
Kelechi Amadi-Obi is one of Nigeria’s most renowned photographers and visual artists. His work spans fashion, portrait, and landscape photography, and he captures the beauty and essence of his subjects with a distinctive style. Kelechi’s Instagram account is a visual feast of stunning images showcasing his artistic vision and technical prowess. Follow him on Instagram at @kelechiamadiobi.
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Social media provides an invaluable platform for Nigerian creatives to share their work, engage with followers, and inspire future generations. The accounts highlighted in this post represent just a fraction of the talent in Nigeria, showcasing a diverse range of skills and artistic visions. By following these accounts, you can stay connected to the pulse of Nigeria’s creative scene and find inspiration for your creative journey.
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This article was first published on 4th June 2024

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