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Graphics, videos and images are popular on the social media landscape, and content creators have used them a lot for their own benefit. However, audio conversations are starting to enjoy attention lately. With the emergence of the social audio app known as Clubhouse, other social media apps have joined the trend. For example, Twitter introduced Twitter Spaces for the facilitation of live audio conversations on the platform.

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In this article, we will discuss what Twitter Spaces entails, how to use it, and give reasons why you should use it for your brand.

What is Twitter Spaces?

With Twitter Spaces, users can have live audio conversations on the Twitter platform. It is a feature on the platform that allows users to host conversations in audio chat rooms known as Spaces” and invite other users to participate. It is usually indicated as a purple bubble at the top of a user’s timeline for the duration of the particular conversation.

The feature is available for both individuals and businesses, and this is instrumental in helping them build connections with their audiences. The nature of Twitter Spaces allows anyone to join as a Listener. Up to 13 people can speak in a Space, including a Host and two Co-hosts.

The usefulness of Twitter Spaces can be seen in the shortening of reaction time from audiences. Because the conversation is ongoing, users can air their opinions and get immediate feedback instead of limiting their thoughts to word characters. This encourages people to have more open discussions and strengthen a brand’s relationship with its customers. Twitter Spaces is a great way for brands to engage their customers.

How to start Twitter Spaces

Starting a Twitter Space conversation can only be done from the Android or iOS app. So far, the option of starting one from the web version is not yet available. You can only join as a Listener.

If you want just a space, you can start by pressing and holding the “Compose” button and then selecting the icon for new Spaces. The icon looks like multiple circles in the shape of a diamond.

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Follow these steps to set up your Space before going live:

Name your Space

The name should be relevant to the conversation you intend to start. You can also create a hashtag so that the conversation can continue even after the end of the Space.

Invite speakers

If you have created your space, the next step is to invite people to join. In the lower right-hand corner, you will find the “get more people to join” option. It looks like a small arrow pointing upward. You can choose if you want to invite Speakers and Listeners via DM or share your Space via a tweet or copy the link to your Space for it to be shared elsewhere.

A Host or Speaker can do the following:

  • Manage speakers. You can mute them, remove them from the Space or block them entirely. This comes in handy when a particular Listener is being too offensive.
  • Highlight the subject of the conversation by pinning Tweets to the Space.
  • Turn on captions while speaking.

Listeners can do the following:

  • React to discussions with emojis.
  • Follow along with captions or turn to caption off.
  • Tweet or send a private message to other participants.

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  • Request to speak.
  • Block other users or Spaces.

Benefits of Twitter Spaces to Brands and Organisations

Brands that leverage the opportunities that Twitter offers can use Spaces for their own growth. The few waysTwitter Spaces can benefit organisations include :

Dissemination of news and announcements: Host a conversation on Space to share pieces of information with your audience. You can also talk about product updates, policy changes, new or upcoming products, etc. This helps to keep your customers abreast with information concerning your company/brand.

Host conversations on trending topics: You can care a niche for yourself in your industry by hosting conversations on trendy matters. Invite influencers as speakers and add them as Co-hosts.

Promote your community: Hosting a Space gives you the opportunity to bond with your audience and have real-time interactions with them. Your audience will also be encouraged to engage with your brand as Space creates an avenue for them to hold conversations related to customer service, live Q&A forums, feedback sessions, etc.

In conclusion, Twitter Spaces is an effective tool to facilitate live audio conversations and encourage authentic engagement. As a fairly new feature, it can be leveraged in a competitive industry. Marketers and Brand managers use it as an effective Twitter marketing toolbox for growth.

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This article was first published on 5th May 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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