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  The pride of every blogger is getting people who are interested in reading their blog posts, as much as they love to write them. But the truth is, if you want people to get interested in anything about you, you would have to do something interesting to commit them. These are different ways to increase the readers on your blog.
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  • Write about what you know
This will not just help your readers stay connected with you, it is the best way known to never stop writing. Choose a niche you can personally connect with and commit your knowledge to paper. Focus on what you love to write about and what you have a measure of experience in.  You should begin by determining what your blog will be about and regardless of the trend and entertainment wave, be ready to stick with it. Ensure your content is quality, informative, entertaining and valuable. 
  • Be real with your audience
Take your audience as one person next door who really needs your help. How would you pour your heart to the person, knowing that your advice might change the course of their lives? Your blog is not a mere hobby, start to see it as a solution provider. Share about things you have witnessed, conquered and experienced. See your blog as a platform for strength and inspiration, and do not be afraid to be vulnerable with your audience. 
  • Network with like minded individuals
You cannot do many things on your own. You have to choose to network and online networking allows you to engage your readers in a real time conversation and get their feedback for improvement. Get active in discussion forums and groups online, asking questions relating to your niche and getting their feedback. You can even repurpose content from these sessions, and be of a greater help to your community. 
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  • Seek mentorship
There is a high chance that the number of readers you are desiring is someone else’s reality. See people who already produce results you seek and ask strategic answers so you can glean from their wisdom. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are in need, however, always communicate progress so your mentors will not get frustrated at you. 
  • Guest feature
Feature different people who align with your niche or value on your blog. It is most exciting when such people have a number of following already, it becomes easier to gain access to their own following for your advantage. Write down different people you will want to feature, come up with topics they will most likely be interested in and reach out to them. Create a compelling case with incentives that will appeal to them.  The greatest blogs have the most passionate owners. You must commit to consistent growth and have a community where your readers are growing and thriving. The best way to increase your following and readership is to document real life transformation, and this is what you must seek to achieve with your followers at all times. Good luck! Featured image: Neil Patel
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This article was first published on 27th January 2022 and updated on January 29th, 2022 at 8:39 pm


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