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The remedies for dog bites outlined in this article are for people who cannot immediately access medial attention. These remedies should be applied while you wait for medical attention. If you can get medical care immediately, please do not use these remedies. Dog bites are dangerous and can range from minor to life-threatening, and must be treated immediately.
  Dogs may be man’s best friend but they still bite and painfully too. They are varying reasons for a dog bite from a teething pup to being attacked by a street dog. Dog bites are not only painful but also infectious and it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately after a dog bite. You can also use these natural ingredients to speed up healing.

Plantain leaves

Plantain leaves, Plantago major, are not to be confused with the leaves of the banana-like plant. Plantain leaves contain natural antibiotic properties and anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in treating dog bites. It is ground into a paste or chewed or shredded and placed on the affected area for some hours. It then begins to draw the toxins out of the body, giving instant relief to the pain and itchiness associated with dog bites.


Garlic is popular for it’s healing ability due to the presence of antibiotic and antiseptic agents it carries, thus making it ideal for the treatment of dog bites. Like the plantain leaves, it can be made into a thick paste and spread on the injury or can be consumed orally.

Walnut, Onion and Salt

Making these three ingredients into a poultice is highly effective in the treatment of dog bites and injuries. Walnut is believed to help neutralise the poison of a dog bite, salt and onion contains antibiotic properties as well.  Grind equal portions of each ingredient and apply on affected area until you can get to a doctor.

Lemon juice

Applying lemon juice on a dog bite can help prevent it from becoming infected or help contain the spread of infection. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C  and this makes it effective as it aids in treating wounds and fighting infections.

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This article was first published on 4th June 2018


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