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Uche Kenneth Udekwe describes himself as a Social Entrepreneur, SDG Advocate and Founder/CEO of NATAL CARES. In addition to these, he considers himself a mobile health enthusiast with great passion in Public health and ICT for Development. Though a young man, Uche has a wide range of experiences up his sleeve; He is An Ashoka ChangeMakerXchange Fellow, EDC (Enterprise Development Center), WAYLS (West African Youth Leadership Organization) and YALI Alumni. He is a pioneer TAMFUND Fellow. Uche has an Entrepreneurship certificate from the University of BOCONNI Milano Italy and currently runs his Masters in ICT4D.

But what makes Uche our everyday Hero? The fact that he is pouring out his heart in Tackling Maternal & Child Mortality with Natal Cares; an outfit he is running to change the statistics regarding the lifespan/death rates of women and children. This might not look like so much, till one remembers that, in Nigeria, it is stated that, hundreds of women and children under the age of 5 die daily, making the country one of the largest contributors to maternal and child mortality statistics in the world. The factors surrounding this high mortality rates could be attributed to the lack of access to healthcare facilities, poor health practices, use of unclean materials, among others. These can be as a result of poverty, effects of terrorism, etc.

Uche is the founder and project manager at Natal Cares, “a social enterprise with a mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality from complications of pregnancy or delivery specifically focusing on pregnant women and Nursing mothers in IDP Camps (internally Displaced Persons) and Rural disconnected communities in Nigeria.” Natal Cares achieves its mission by providing pregnant women and nursing mothers with regular medically approved health information, through SMS and/or voice call services, on pregnancy, motherhood, safe delivery and healthy baby lifestyle to help improve their health and that of their baby. The messages include pregnancy follow up, clinic reminders, child growth and nutrition, breastfeeding, immunization reminders, parenting tips, common symptoms, child health care tips, nutrition guides, family planning tips and more. The platform also has a Natal Care Kit which contains essential supplies required at childbirth to ensure a clean, safe and hygienic delivery to help mothers and newborns avoid acquiring infections during childbirth especially in underserved rural communities. Natal Cares also carries out health care capacity buildings and sensitization programs in IDP Camps and disconnected rural communities. It also trains traditional birth attendants and local midwives on latest delivery methods and technique.

This is beyond commendable and because of these, Uche’s efforts have drawn attention both locally and globally. In recognition of his outstanding impact towards reducing maternal and infant mortality in rural under-served communities and IDP Camps through NATAL CARES, Uche has become an exemplary Nigerian and hero. For example, In September 2018, Uche became the recipient of the first ever 2018 YALI Leadership Award in Health and Well-Being. By December of the same year, he was honoured with The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) Prize for Advocacy (in Health).

It is also important to note that this young man is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional fellow. Uche has a proficient and excellent Human Relation and communication skills; and can speak SIX major Nigerian languages (English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Pidgin and Sign Language) fluently. He is very passionate about ICT especially using ICT for social good. Uche is also an avid lover of classical music especially Mozart and Handel’s music. He is a certified Pianist and Trombonist. A chief Organist in the Apostolic Faith Choir and Orchestra since 2004. Usually, Uche relaxes on the Piano by playing Handel and Mozart Pieces. He also enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

Today, we celebrate another Hero; another proof that Nigeria has a great future in sight.



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This article was first published on 8th April 2019 and updated on May 8th, 2019 at 4:47 pm


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  • Thanks so much for writing about us.. Telling the world we do at Natal Cares to tackle one of the greatest problems in Nigeria.. Maternal and infant mortality. Once again, we are so grateful

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