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ebonylife-tv-banner-700x321 Five days later and the question on everybody’s mind is whether the new afrocentric channel lived up to its hype. “Is it any good? Is it worth watching?” Left to Right: Producer, Amaechi Obi; Sandra Amadio, Associate Director Programmes, Magazine & Talk- EbonyLife TV; CEO EbonyLIfe TV, Mo Abudu, at the just concluded EbonyLife TV Auditions in Lagos.   First of all, before I go on to answer that question, I want us to re-acquaint ourselves with the fact that this is the realisation of a dream that one woman had. She wasn’t daunted by being the first to do what had never been done, or with how big her goal seemed. That in itself is commendable, and even if the channel ended up being no good, I would still have doffed my hat to her. love lounge ebonylife But that would not be necessary. Why? Because in less than a week, Ebony Life TV on channel 165 has become one of my favourite channels to sit and watch. At first glance you know that the people behind the scenes take their job very seriously. The quality of the production is stellar, the hosts are fun and engaging, and the shows are fresh and highly interesting. A new spin is taken on everything, especially the relationship programme. Its called the Love Lounge and is hosted by Oreka Godis, and I would not be missing any of its runs. What’s your favourite show?

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This article was first published on 5th July 2013

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  • excellent channel. Mo Abudu is my new hero. More grease to your elbows.

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