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In response to the outcry by many Nigerian parents over the proposed transgendered themed soap opera ” I am Jazz” which was scheduled to start airing on DSTV from 27th October, 2015, MultiChoice Nigeria has pulled the plug on the series. In a post on the company’s Facebook page, it stated: “MultiChoice Nigeria is aware of the concerns raised by our viewers across various platforms, about the airing of “I am Jazz”, the story of a transgender child scheduled to show on TLC, channel 172 on 27 October 2015. After careful consideration and wide consultation from various stakeholders, MultiChoice informs its esteemed subscribers that the mini-series, “I am Jazz” has been pulled off the schedule. We regularly assess the impact our content have on our customers and we reassure them that their interests are always considered. However, we take comfort in knowing that our decoders are encrypted with the parental control feature that empowers parents with ultimate control over what their children view. We also encourage parents to make use of this feature as much as possible to ensure that their children only watch what their parents deem appropriate.”

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This article was first published on 27th October 2015


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