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  With Nigeria having only three billionaires, there are different unsaid rules to follow in beginning your path to being a billionaire. Here are different ways to begin this journey: 
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Do: Invent Inventing is one of the toughest things to do. However, it is one of the most rewarding things to do. You can build a billionaire life simply by invention. The business world rewards the first in line, and that is the beauty of positioning. You do not have to be the best person in a niche or field, you should just be the first to be recognized, and you become an authority in that niche. Successful inventions are not necessarily complicated, they are the ones that solve the needed problems.  Another area of invention could just be an improvement on an existing invention. You can become a billionaire by paying attention to modifications that need to be done to archaic systems, processes, and inventions.  Billionaires are very studious people, who are futuristic as well. They study trends and come up with ideas to help solve future problems. They develop an insane work ethic that would be responsible for achieving this goal.  Do: Invest Investment is simply making your money work for you without active participation. The secret of investment is to have money to be invested. The more money you invest, the more returns you will receive.  Billionaires are for frugality and smart investments. It also requires accurate insight into which investments are yielding and which could result in a loss. You cannot become a billionaire if all you do is to actively earn more in exchange for your time, because there is a limit to our time.  Do: Be an Entrepreneur Becoming an entrepreneur is to start a business. A business is in the time-honored tradition of entrepreneurial pursuits. After invention, you will only reap the benefits of such investment when you build a system and program that processes the change the invention brings. Building a business and taking it to success isn’t always easy, but for those with good business sense and the ability to spot start-ups that have the potential to be great, entrepreneurship can be the vehicle to extreme wealth. Billionaire entrepreneurs might either come up with a great idea or invest in a great idea. 
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Don’t: Think You Know It All Billionaires are always teachable. The moment you think you have nothing left to learn is the moment you kill your potential for becoming a billionaire. Especially when the wealth is to be acquired by invention or innovation. Being curious, open minded, accommodating and teachable are qualities that set anyone on the path of wealth. Don’t: Make Impulsive Investments The greatest investments are not likely to be the flashy or trendy ones. It might not be fun to talk about, and one of the pitfalls of would-be billionaires is to jump in on the “next big thing,” which doesn’t always turn out to be so big. Billionaires do their due diligence, and take out time before they invest into any venture. They only invest in time tested, trusted ventures. Don’t: Quit Easily The journey to being a billionaire is a journey indeed. It has all sort of turns and twists. Entrepreneurial types who succeed realize that success rarely comes overnight. One business idea might not pay off, but the next might. It’s not easy to build something from scratch, especially when your “something” is a fortune of billions. Time is on your side if you don’t rush it. Wealth has rules, and to make your mark as a billionaire, you have to learn, unlearn and relearn these principles.  Featured image source: Netflix
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This article was first published on 5th February 2022


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