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  The notion that men do not give as much care to personal appearance, as well as body image as women do, is not comfortable for a lot of men to hear but it is a prevailing fact even if there are exceptions to its rule. Plenty of exceptions in fact.
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That said, as a man you cannot go wrong with being a little more intentional as to how you look and the impact it has on people’s perception of you in the long run. Hair is one of the defining features of a person, whether male or female. It is both appealing to others as well as gratifying to one’s self to have healthy hair. Men are generally not expected to be as adventurous with their hair aesthetically as well as hygienically. So if hair care is your new MO as a man, then we have a few tips that could help.

1. Keep A Clean Scalp

The result of having a full lock of hair is that during a bath, water never quite reaches the scalp as it should. The result of this is a dirty scalp that irritates as well as itches its carrier. So wash your hair with shampoo regularly. Take care not to be too forceful as that may strip your hair of its natural oil.

2. Know Your Hair And Invest In Type-Specific Products

Knowing what type of hair you have on your head is the first step. If you can ascertain just which category and hair type your hair falls into i.e. straight, coiled, wavy, kinky etc., you will be better guided on what products to use in your hair care routine.

3. Moisturize Your Hair

Hydration especially of the right sort is important in hair hygiene. The hair type is a determinant of what kind of product you can apply to your hair to keep it hydrated.
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Shampoos are fine but used in isolation, they can expose your hair to dryness and breakage. Hair conditioners will be ideal for curbing this. With medium to low hair strands, leave-in spray hair conditioners work best. You can also tailor your diet to improve hair hydration.

4. Reduce Shampoo-ing And Cut Out Relaxers

Given the kinky and coarse nature of black hair, it is a bit more susceptible to breakage so you do not want to expose your hair to shampoo-ing so much. Once or twice in a given week is ideal to maintain a clean scalp without exposing your hair to breakage. I do not recommend relaxers. They are bad for your hair and really do not much good in the long run.

5. Haircuts

If you are not the type to suffer long hair, ten days to three weeks will be a good interval between visits to your barber.

6. Conditioning

As for black people in general, certain supplements are rather ideal. Shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil are fine additions to your hair care routine you may consider. They add sheen and make the hair look, smell and even feel great.

7. Dry Or Oily Hair

People with more curly hair are naturally prone to dry hair because the curly nature of the strands make it difficult for scalp oil or sebum to reach all the strands. The right products will do you a world of good thus. Home supplements such as coconut oil, tea tree oil or aloe vera are good considerations here. You can conveniently just buy hair care product with any of these natural ingredients in them. Featured Image Source: Thy Black Man
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This article was first published on 24th March 2021


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