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Most of the things we believe about social media platforms are based on what a certain kind of people told us, and hardly what is being attainable on the platform. This is largely because it takes time and attention to details for you to apply these principles and come up with a theory. This post will debunked popular Instagram myths with a provision of evidence to back up the argument to the contrary. 
Read more about Social media    1. Only 10% of your followers see your IG posts When you have access to your IG analytics, you will know that this is not the case. Have you ever tried engaging with your followers and noticed how your own engagement spiked up? At that point, did IG algorithm change its mind? Deep, longer and more meaningful comments informs IG that your content is meaningful and worth spreading, so it begins to work in your favor. Engagement is the key to maximizing your reach. What you should focus on doing is pay attention to what your audience responds to and keep creating that kind of content. Create content that your audience would desire to participate in, and engage with. 2. You must respond to all your comments within 24 hours While it is good to be responsive to comments, you do not actually have a time limit to respond to them all. To help you debunk this, do a little research on Facebook page “response time” ticker. The best thing to do is to respond to comments in a timely manner, especially within the first few hours you create the post, but don’t sweat it by always trying to respond to all comments at once.  3. You should change your hashtags all the time Post performance are determined by different parameters, and hashtags is one of them. You can not determine the success of your post simply by the hashtags when there are other more important parameters. The greatest of all being the content itself. If you take the pain to research hashtags and post nothing worth engaging, your post will still perform poorly. 
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You will not get shadow banned if you use the same hashtags continually. On the contrary, your focus should be on posting relevant hashtags instead. 4. You will have little engagement if you edit your caption This has gotten a lot of complaints, as many people believe their engagement gets suppressed when they edit their captions. They claim that when you edit a caption, it feels like you are posting anew and then disrupts your engagement flow. There is no definite answer to this, however it is advised that you do this with an objective mind and see the outcome. Another way to avoid this completely is to proof read your caption thoroughly before posting. If you cannot catch a mistake after proofreading 2-3 times, your audience probably won’t.  If you have ever believed these myths, now is a good time to try debunking them and see if you will have a different reaction online unlike what you have believed. Featured image source: Wikipedia
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This article was first published on 18th February 2022


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