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The Connect Nigeria E-Business fair is a two-part event with panel discussions and exhibitions of goods and services. The discussion forums are massive opportunities for gaining knowledge on current business practices. It usually revolves around how to apply information technology, and other kinds of technology to enhance business growth. The knowledge gotten from these sessions if adequately applied, or utilised can transform any brand from micro, small, or medium scale enterprise into a mega or global brand. The primary aim of this Connect Nigeria E-Business Fair has always been to help entrepreneurs learn how to grow their businesses into a strong brand. That way SMEs can impact Nigeria’s economy, as well as, increase our national economic value globally. With everyone wanting to do better at whatever business they are currently operating in, this event is always well attended. In these sessions, not only will there be impact-full lessons and solutions from world-class industry experts, attendees get to ask them questions. So when coming for the business fair, have a plan. List down all the areas of your business that you need help with. List out the things you don’t understand about market trends, your competition’s business moves, etc. Come prepared to find the solution to your needs. Since 2013, the theme of the Business fair has been E-Business And The Growth Of Your Enterprise. This topic has never been exhausted because with each passing year, more innovations on how to use the internet to conduct business and make profit keep increasing. Some examples of technological advancements include Messenger bots, paid adverts on different social media platforms, audience targeting, the cashless policy supported e-banking platforms and e-transactions with the likes of Paypal and Vogue pay, amongst others. Over the years, the specific topics addressed have been the impact and importance of the internet, mobile platforms and apps to off-line business activities. Other topics covered also include online retail marketing, the best approach to further your business, engaging customers in new simple and interesting ways, thriving in Nigeria’s tech space, the reality of angel investors and how to attract them, successfully managing and growing an E-Commerce Business. With the world becoming a global village, finding the right customers for your products using information technology has become a dream come true for most business owners, who know how to leverage on the internet. But if the internet still seems hard to navigate, there will be other professionals in attendance who provide such kinds of assistance for a living. You can network and partner with them and achieve business success with their expertise. You can also get practical advice from fellow attendees who have done what you are trying to do. Just keep your eyes peeled and have a receptive heart. The answer you seek may not only come from the Panelists but also those in attendance at the event. Remember, attendance is and has always been free, but registration is required. To sponsor, exhibit, or register, visit or call 0700 800 5000.

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This article was first published on 24th January 2018


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