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Every year, Connect Nigeria organises its business fair which hosts many businesses from far and wide to converge in one space. This year, all roads lead to the grandeur Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos. The fair, which is one of the most anticipated events for many entrepreneurs in Africa, provides various businesses with the golden opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their best products and services. While each of these businesses might have different goals for attending the event, one thing is clear: they all come to partake in the gems of knowledge and insights shared at the fair, the networking and the opportunity to close businesses and deals. 

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This is precisely what Connect Nigeria has set out to achieve with this year’s business fair. By situating the event at a strategic location in Lagos Island, inviting a panel of refined industry experts to dole out valuable insights on how to effectively run a business, and setting up spaces where businesses can showcase their merchandise, it thus successfully achieves its aim of fostering the growth of businesses in Nigeria.

For years, Connect Nigeria has been consistent in its efforts to empower businesses in Nigeria and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. This year, it is back for another business fair tagged 2020 Vision, which is set to hold on the 6th and 7th of March at the Tafawa Balewa Square. As usual, preparations have already begun for the event from active promotions on social media to highly engaging articles about the event. There’s a lot to anticipate in the coming weeks. 

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This year’s edition of Connect Nigeria’s business fair promises to be an amazing one as guests will once again be given the opportunity to build strong business networks, promote their businesses, and learn about the intricacies of running a business from the horses’ mouth – in this case – industry experts. 

This is indeed a business fair for many businesses to look forward to and thankfully, it is around the corner. 

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Participants are expected to register for the event. Registration is free. Click here to register. 

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This article was first published on 15th February 2020 and updated on February 19th, 2020 at 12:26 pm


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