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Jobberman Our mothers taught us many useful things; to say “please” and “thank you”, to always tell the truth, to put aside savings instead of spending all our money, to pray, to share what we have. Yet, upon entering the labour market we find that we need tools other than these to get and keep a job, and indeed to build a successful career. Whether you’re searching for a job, wondering how to deal with workplace issues, or seeking advice about your career path and choices, Jobberman has something for you. You’ll learn about building your personal brand, choosing your workplace wardrobe, and using your strengths to your advantage while downplaying your weaknesses. And if you fail, Jobberman won’t let you stay wallowing in self pity and wondering why. This blog will haul you back up and on the road to success again. Personal Branding Lessons from Dbanj, which points out 7 things we can learn from The Entertainer, sets out to prove to you that your personal brand- you as a brand- is important to your success, and closes with this summary: A final note: – Your circle of influence matters. – If you want to go far, find someone who can shoot you to the top and ride that horse! – It’s your identity, love it, talk about it. – Perception is everything; observe how you come across to people. Value opinions, sift through irrelevancies and adjust as necessary. – It’s not really about working harder, but making smart choices and moving with the ‘right’ people. You are promised answers to your questions about searching for a job, interviews, career development and workplace issues if you just drop your questions or comments in the section below the blog posts. That’s pretty neat, isn’t it? Beyond the pages of the blog, Jobberman hosts Twitter Tuesday every Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm. The 2-hour session which allows jobseekers, employers and career professionals alike to convene and share ideas, ask questions, build professional networks and open up their world to new insights and opportunities, has featured major players like Tosyn Bucknor, Tolu Ogunlesi and Oluyemi Oloyede. Tweeps can participate by sending their questions using the hashtag #jobbermantips and for those who miss the “show”, recaps such as this one with Financial Analyst and Personal Finance Advocate UgoDre (@UgoDre) can be found on the blog; Q: Kindly advise job seekers on how to manage their finance and the best way to save. A: Here are a few simple steps I learned how to manage my personal finance. I believe everyone should spend wisely, save diligently and invest wisely. 1. Make sure your rent is no more than 30% of your take home. 2. Invest monthly no matter how little. 3. Rich people hardly watch TV but poor people do. So reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV.  Read personal finance blogs and learn about investing. Read inspirational books and biographies of rich people. 4. Cash is king, so buying a house doesn’t guarantee financial independence. Being liquid does. 5. Never buy insurance for an asset you can easily replace, e.g a car or a TV or laptop. 6. Always look out for the best deals, they exist everywhere. With both the Judges Choice and the Popular Vote from the Nigeria Blog Awards 2012 in its kitty and posts that just keep getting better, Jobberman can be pretty sure its position as No 1 in the hearts of Nigeria’s internet-friendly workforce is secure. Jobberman- Career Advice Your Momma Didn’t Give You. We agree!   Check it out!    

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This article was first published on 10th August 2013


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