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iamope In the beginning, blogs were diaries; journals where people recorded interesting bits from their everyday lives for others to share. Today, blogs serve various other purposes, ranging from brand advertisement pages to political campaign platforms. So you can imagine our delight upon finding a good old diary-style blog, where we can just read about someone else’s life and experiences, and be inspired, entertained and encouraged. I.AM.OPE is a blog run by Ope L. Akinyemi, one of the ladies responsible for the editorial aspect of TW Magazine, including interviews. Ope, a 31-year-old feature writer, wife and mother of one, who recently relocated to Nigeria after living more than half of her life in Canada, blogs about everything that’s important in her life. With posts like “Life as a Writer”, “Actions and Consequences”, “Values I Want to Teach My Child” and “Older & Wiser”, it’s easy to see where her interests lie. Although she stopped blogging for about 2 years, during which time she married the love of her life, moved to Nigeria, set up a beautiful home, had a baby and got herself a job in the media industry, she’s back with loads of zest and fervour. According to her, I.AM.OPE is sort of a diary of progress as she journeys through the exciting world of life in Nigeria as a wife, mother and career woman in the 21st century. In “Interesting Interview Subjects”, she blogs about interviewing fascinating personalities, from India Arie and Beyonce to Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and Agbani Darego. Of her wonder at being struck by the reality that she is someone’s mother, Ope writes in “Being a Mommy”: “I find myself waking up at night to feed my child, check his and the room temperature, carrying my bag on one shoulder and diaper bag on the other, wiping off [poop] or watching cartoon network endlessly. It hits me that I am really the MOM. Most people that know me well say that they always knew I had it in me. Well, I sure as heck didn’t. I could barely even balance a check book let alone start a plan for someone’s future.  LOL. I won’t lie…the journey has been amazing, and I actually feel fulfilled. Now, marriage will teach you some things, but you can still be a little selfish…HOWEVER, having a child is a different story altogether. It forces you to grow the hell up and fast. You’re responsible for someone else. You’re forced into being a mom. So as I woke up, gave AJ a bath, dressed him up, adjusted his socks for the 10th time, fed & cleaned him up, grabbed his diaper bag with everything in it, held the car keys between my teeth, walked him to the car, strapped him into his car seat, dropped him off and still made it to work on time…..I really had to stop and give myself a pat on the back. I’m getting really good at this thing.” And we’re sure every mother can relate! Come October 2013, the Nigeria Blog Awards will be here again. Under the category Best Personal Blog- blog that focuses on the author’s experiences-, you already know which one we’re rooting for. Check it out!    

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This article was first published on 17th July 2013 and updated on August 10th, 2013 at 6:12 pm


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