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Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits that beauty products can give once we have a proper understanding of what they can help us achieve – glowing skin. There are just a few basics that are needful in desiring to nurture and maintain a flawless skin. Once there is a proper understanding of what these products can do, we become more confident in taking the necessary steps to achieve this. Here is just a list of the basics you need to know:
  • “Cream” or “milk” cleansers have high oil content. It is these oils, which combine with and help to remove makeup, facial oils, and grime allowing them to be easily wiped away.
  • Rinse-off cleansers or facial washes are water-based and incorporate some type of detergent to help remove makeup and excess oils.
  • As an essential step in the skin care routine, toners remove traces of makeup or residue that your cleanser misses, and “prepares” the skin for moisturizing.
  • A facial scrub or exfoliator removes dead skin cells, stimulates the circulation and brings fresh oxygenated blood to the surface, leaving the skin clean, soft and revealing the younger fresher cells underneath.
  • Facial mask deep-cleanses your skin and/or boosts its moisture levels.
  • Moisturizers act as a protective barrier between your skin and the environment. Although your skin manufactures its own oils, it is usually removed during the process of cleansing. It is therefore necessary to replenish these natural oils.
  • Night creams are designed to pamper and replenish your skin while you sleep. The main difference between night creams and daily moisturizers is that most night creams have added ingredients such as vitamins and anti-ageing components that nourish the skin. They can be thicker and more intense than day cream because makeup is not worn on them. However, it is important that your skin shouldn’t feel overloaded.
black-woman-washing-face  REMEMBER: The thickness, tone, and texture of your skin in different areas of your body are vastly different, and a treatment that works well in one area may not work in another. It is important to understand exactly which treatments will work best with different areas of your body so that you can be consistent in the effort that you make. Over time, your beauty routine will eventually pay off.
  • Results become visible as you remain consistent.
  • To get the best result, you would need to employ more than one beauty routine every week
  • After any type of skin treatment or skin care routine, it is also essential to remember to wear sunscreen before you go outdoors since your skin will be vulnerable. It is also called SPF- Sun Protective Factor. It is advisable to use a skin care product that contains SPF 30 and above or better still purchase an SPF product. If you are treating your skin and do not wear a suncreen afterward, it is likely that your skin will experience sun damage and become even darker and more pigmented than before. This is a risk that you should not take when treating your skin
  • Layering of skin care products on your skin is a great way to achieve beautiful results.
  • Consistency is the magic key that will pay great dividends in the long run
  • Remember to affirm yourself…you are the first beholder of your beauty.
Be sound in Spirit, Mind & Body!  
Iwo2Iwo Akinyoyenu is a Beauty and Wellness Consultant and CEO of Erumu Creations. She received her certificate in Makeup Artistry from Rita Balla, one of the top makeup artists in Budapest, Hungary. She is also certified by the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) as a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. Website:, Facebook:, Twitter: @erumucreations

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This article was first published on 12th March 2014

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