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In the midst of the dark cloud that has generally engulfed the Nigeria polity, MI Abaga has risen up to the occasion with the best message for these uncertain times, #IAmIgboToo. A message of love, hope, inclusion, and progress.
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Most parts of the past two months have been characterised by paranoia, uncertainty, whispers of a coup, conspiracy theories, and counteractive actions to the progress of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In course of these, those we have elected did so much to vacate their leadership positions to opportunistic predators to destroy and vultures, waiting by the side, to finish up the spoils. Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga, in a tweet said thus:
‘The narrative that “Nigeria hates Igbo people” is an outdated context that will leave with the old and bitter generation. Today let us stand with our Igbo family and say #IAmIgboToo #OzoemenaHeart suitFlag of Nigeria
MI’s tweet is a rallying call to Nigerians to stand in solidarity with their Igbo friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and family members. He called for people to post videos on their social media pages, expressing their love and oneness to the Igbo people, categorically stating #IAmIgboToo. This is in direct response to Muhammadu Buhari’s statement about the violence that has greeted the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. 30th of May 2021 was marked by Igbos all over the world as Biafran Remembrance Day, in commemoration of the declaration of the Republic of Biafra and the violence that followed. The government of Nigeria found a way to expunge this dark aspect of Nigeria’s history out of academia, assuming that a non-iteration of the civil war will bring about healing to those heavily impacted by the genocide. However, this has, for a long time, proven to be counterproductive.
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Despite, the successes accrued by the Igbos since the end of the civil war, justifiably, they still feel marginalised, targeted, maligned, hated, and discriminated against. Muhammadu Buhari’s tweet yesterday about the civil war which was deleted by Twitter for violating Twitter rules was bereft of leadership and empathy, considering the fact that he has said and done little or not as regards the crisis in the North. His move to quickly remind Nigerians about the civil war, in relation to the Igbos and the unrest in all the South Eastern states shows his rudderlessness as the president and his bias against a certain region to the others. Thus, MI Abaga has shown more leadership than this present administration and all others before it has shown throughout the existence of Nigeria. He called the names of his colleagues such as Phyno, Don Jazzy, Flavour, Blaqbonez, Kelechi Amadiobi and so many others who have contributed to the growth of the Nigerian music industry, sports, culture, and heritage. In response, Nigerians have taken to social media with tweets and video to express their support with the #IAmIgboToo hashtag God bless MI Abaga and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Featured Image Source: The Guardian NG
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This article was first published on 2nd June 2021


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