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  African women seeking to make a significant impact in scientific research and technology aimed at tackling the myriad of problems confronting the health, food security, agriculture, energy, water, and climate change sectors of the continent can apply for the Science by Women program.
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The Science by Women program is organized by the Women for Africa Foundation, an organization focused on the development of Africa through women. The Women for Africa Foundation aims to promote African women’s leadership capacity in the areas of scientific research and technology to improve their capacity for research in their countries. Supporting African women to play a key role in Africa’s transition to a knowledge-based and innovative economy that transforms people’s lives sums up the ultimate goal of the foundation. Furthermore, Participants in the Science by Woman program will be offered post-doctoral fellowships in renowned Spanish centres of excellence.

To be eligible for the program

  1. You must be a woman of African nationality and reside in Africa.
  2. You must hold a PhD in the field of science.
  3. You must have a strong contractual tie with a university or a public or private scientific research organization based in Africa.
  4. Your academic record must be excellent, with proven research experience.
  5. Sound knowledge of the English language (Proof of English Language is greatly encouraged but is not mandatory).
  6. Previous beneficiaries are not eligible.
  7. African women living outside Africa are not eligible.

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The application requirements include

  1. Motivation letter (1-page maximum)
  2. International passport and other valid means of identification
  3. Letter of support
  4. Research proposal (maximum of 2 pages; it must be brief and clear)
  5. Proof of confirmation of the research proposal by the Spanish host entity of choice
  6. The fully filled-out online application form
Please note: Participants’ proposals must be related to topics linked to the host Spanish institution’s line of research. If you decide to apply to more than one institution, you must submit proposals that align with their line of research.
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The benefits of the program include:

  1. Roundabout flights from the participant’s host country to the host city of study
  2. A living allowance of 2600 euros monthly
  3. Stipend to cover accommodation, personal expenses, health, insurance, and emergencies
  4. Coverage of visa fees and other administrative costs during the visa application
  5. Possibility of the provision of funding for participation in seminars or congresses during the period of fellowship.
  6. The duration of the fellowship is six months which is continuous, to be completed in one year and a half, or two years, depending on the host institution.
Deadline: September 30, 2024 – To apply for the program, click here
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This article was first published on 6th June 2024


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