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Social media marketers and bloggers work with words every day and try hard to get people to engage. No doubt, words are exceptionally powerful, and to influence others to read what you have written should be your ultimate goal.
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The headline, which is the first impression you make, should be enticing enough to get people to read what you have published. If not, they would ignore whatever content you have put up and pay less attention to your websites. To make people visit your website constantly, you need to come up with headlines that are great; headlines that will attract them. Moreover, the perfect headline will distinguish your content from the rest of the content coming up on any search engine result page. The headline/title shows a brief overview of your article. It tells your audience what the article is about, and by only reading the title, they get adequately informed. The words below are helpful as they increase your chances of people clicking on your content and showing interest in your page. However, it is advisable that you avoid clickbait and that you match the contents with what has been promised in the titles, or else your readers will be displeased. They will feel manipulated.
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The following are the list of words you can use to create good headlines:
  • Free: Everyone loves free stuff. The word ‘free’ will surely make people turn to you because they would not have to fish their hard-earned money for any purchase. Content headlines with ‘Free will surely have people rushing to read what it is about.
  • Easy/Simple: This comes next on the list of the top emotion-provoking words for headlines. People can find it impossible to do a task by themselves, especially first-timers. They need to find ways to do/learn about something, and so they turn to the internet for help. Easy and Simple can be used interchangeably.
  • Everything You Need: A headline with this phrase lets people know that the article will definitely help them. Missing out on anything listed in the article might be disadvantageous to them. However, if you must use this phrase, be sure to provide everything your readers need.
  • Proven: This signals credibility. The internet has both verified and unverified information that is exposed to users every day. Using this word in your headline informs the readers that the content of the articles was gotten because the research was carried out before the information was shared.
  • Powerful: No one would ignore a headline when they see the word ‘powerful’. It is such a strong word. It makes your reader know that the content of your article/post will impact their lives.
  • Today: Aside from creating a sense of urgency, using ‘today’ at the end of your headline establishes the relevancy of your published post.
  • Guaranteed: Using this word in your content will make your readers feel secure and assured. It lets them know that they would not be at a loss if they decide to do what you are talking about in your article. It establishes a sense of trust.
  • Never: This comes in handy for readers who are unsure about a particular thing. ‘Never’ gives them a list of things to avoid. This way, they get to develop and avoid some mistakes.
  • Premium/Best: People want the best. They want to be satisfied with what they choose to get/do. Even if they might not be able to get such things, they would feel glad to have been informed about those things of superior quality. ‘Best’ lets them know that they are going to be provided with the best of something.
  • Secret: A secret is something that is not known to others. A headline with this word will spark curiosity as many people want to know what others don’t. Let your readers know that you have something others are not aware of by using this word in your headline.
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This article was first published on 6th February 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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