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Nobody is born with incredible mental strength, just as no one is born with incredible physical strength. Individuals who make personal development a priority instead develop mental strength over time. In addition to avoiding potential roadblocks, mentally balanced leaders cultivate healthy habits that help them grow stronger. Today, technology has made this an even greater challenge.

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Because of technological advancements, you can always be connected to work, anytime, anywhere and because you can be available, you are expected to be. Being “always-on” keeps your work in the forefront of your mind and prevents you from fully immersing yourself in the present moment. You may discover that you have lost touch with those you care about the most, or you may never develop genuine connections in the first place. It is not sufficient to simply take vacations. It is possible to achieve mental balance, even in a world that requires you to be available at all times, but you must change your habits. Here are some of the habits of a mentally balanced leader.

1. They make good use of their mental energy.

It’s easy to become distracted by a variety of unimportant and unproductive tasks throughout the day. Mentally balanced leaders make careful use of their time and energy. They focus their efforts on the most important things to achieve their objectives.

2. They Reframe Negative Thoughts

Everyone has negative thoughts from time to time, but a mentally balanced leader does not allow those thoughts to hold them back or drag them down. Instead, they engage in a more productive inner dialogue in response to their pessimistic predictions and harsh criticisms. They stay motivated to perform well by speaking to themselves as if they were a trusted friend or a helpful coach.

3. They Work Towards Predetermined Goals

A mentally balanced leader establishes clear personal and professional goals that provide meaning and purpose to themselves and their teams. They forego immediate gratification to achieve long-term goals.

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Obstacles are viewed as challenges rather than roadblocks to their success.

4. They Examine Their Progress

Every day, a mentally balanced leader reflects on his progress toward his goals. They make time to reflect on what they’re doing well and humbly acknowledge areas for improvement. They hold themselves accountable for their mistakes and are constantly striving to improve.

5. They Exercise Gratitude

You can’t perform at your best if you believe you deserve better. A mentally balanced leader recognizes that they already have everything they require. They acknowledge their good fortune and express gratitude for all things great and small.

6. They Put up with Pain for a Greater Good

While some people will go to great lengths to avoid any form of distress, others will endure pain simply to demonstrate their toughness. A mentally balanced leader, on the other hand, can tolerate discomfort when it serves a greater purpose.

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They use their pain to get better, whether they’re exercising when they’re tired or delivering a speech when they’re scared.

7. They balance emotions with logic.

Mentally balanced leaders understand that their emotions influence their perceptions and behavior. They pay close attention to how their emotions might influence their decision-making. They carefully balance their emotions with logic to make the best decisions possible.

8. They live their lives by their values.

Although it may be tempting to gauge your self-worth by comparing yourself to others, mentally balanced leaders avoid such distractions. Regardless of their circumstances, they focus on living according to their values and doing their best. They don’t ask themselves at the end of the day, “Did I beat everyone else?” Instead, they inquire, “Did I remain true to my values?”

A leader must have many qualities to be successful. They must not only be skilled in their field, but they must also be mentally strong as leaders. It is critical to maintain mental balance to be successful. Mental strength should be prioritized as a leader. To stay mentally balanced, you must change your mindset, become more proactive, look ahead, and recognize what you cannot control. By doing so, you will gradually develop into a mentally balanced leader.

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This article was first published on 3rd July 2022


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