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You know his real name is Hafeez Oyetoro (or did you?) and that he is a funny actor you like to see on TV.  You know he was the first ‘customer’ to port from Etisalat to MTN and that you would probably pay someone to teach you his funny trademark left-to-right dance. But did you know that-
  1. He doesn’t like being called Saka: Although he is gradually settling into the name that the nation would probably continue calling him forever, it is taking some effort getting used to. This is because the name is so contrary to his true nature, as he considers himself a quiet and easygoing man.
  2. The nickname ‘Saka’ came from his character in a TV show: Remember Area C and House Apart? Area C was a very popular show on Nigerian Police Men, and at the time it was the second most popular comedy show in Nigeria. That scored Mr. Ayetoro the limelight, and he went ahead to produce House Apart with a fellow colleague and played the role of Saka there, and so the name was born.
  3. He is a lecturer: He teaches Theatre Arts in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. Imagine Saka as your professor! I would have guessed that he would be a very fun one, but he says “my students know the difference between Saka and Hafiz. When I am working, I am working, and when I am making people laugh, I am doing that. They are two different things; my students know the difference.”
  4. He loves to do research: It is one of his hobbies, as a lecturer. He also loves to read and spend time with his children.
  5. He was never signed to Etisalat: Although he was viewed as the closest thing Etisalat had as a mascot, he wasn’t even close, contract wise. For every advert that he did, he was paid on a normal 3-month advertisement payment model.
  6. He is on a N20 million per annum contract with MTN, and he was contracted for 5 years. Ka-ching!

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This article was first published on 30th April 2013

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3 thoughts on “6 Things You Didn’t Know About Saka”

  • Smart guy. He’s got bills to pay, what with the new status

  • I didn’t know him
    But my sis in unilag did
    I have the video of mtn’s ad on my phone
    he did a good job
    20 M every year for five years is welcoming
    I am sure his friend list will be multiplying suddenly
    All the best to him anyways.

  • At first I thought, how could he? Hey, when I saw the blew me away. Saka is ingenious. Fantastic job. I enjoyed it. But, sorry Saka, I’ll never port to MTN. In fact I just might de-port MTN. Terrible service.

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