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COVID-19 regardless, a lot is billed to go on this year. Indeed, much has already gone down in the past month. A lot more is billed to go down in the coming 11 months and here are five of the biggest ones.
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Nigeria Oil And Gas Conference And Exhibition

A platform for all of the oil and gas industry and the easily the biggest, the event centres on fostering conversations and new inventions and trends within and affecting the future of the oil industry. Another aspect of the conference is the knowledge sharing on offer. It attracts the biggest names in the industry as well as the biggest companies naturally. This event would happen in July this year from the 5th to 8th. It attracts an average of 7000 attendees and is a ticketed event.

Lagos International Trade Fair

This is one of the most anticipated trade fairs anywhere in Nigeria. The biggest brands come to the Trade Fair as it is known as the most attended business or trade event in Nigeria all year long. It is organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce. It comes up in 5th -14th of November. It is free to attend and attracts 50-200k attendants over the ten-day course.
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Lagos Fashion Week

Lagos Fashion Week is the flagship fashion event in the country and it is one of the foremost in Africa. It attracts the finest talents in cloth making from all over Africa. The event has grown in status since 2010. It usually holds in October of most years.

Connect Nigeria Business Fair

The Connect Nigeria Business Fair is the flagship business fair for Connect Nigeria. It attracts copious amounts of businesses, attendants and business leaders every year. It attracts at least 7000 attendants very year. Since COVID, the event holds virtually and 2020 was the first of its kind in the country. Stay tuned for another edition of the CNBizFair. It promises to be bigger and better than last year.

International Education Fair

The International Educational Fair is one of the most attended events in the country. It is not far-fetched why it is a big deal as young people are looking to explore their options in education outside Nigeria and Nigeria is a huge market for foreign schools since public confidence in the educational system continues to fail. The fair avails prospective students to the cheaper options in foreign education as well as opportunities in personal growth. It is worthy to note that the dates attributed to these events are not cast in stone. They are subject to change as the months come by. However, stay glued to, as we will be bringing you confirmed information relating to these events when they are available. Share and leave us a comment. We love to hear from you. Source: 10times Featured Image Source: Brand Crunch NG
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This article was first published on 8th February 2021


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