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Most online game enthusiasts are level headed young people who enjoy playing their games on their preferred platform of choice- PlayStation, Xbox or even PC. Many of them, irrespective of their ages have found a way to disregard archaic stereotypes while enjoying the astonishing amount of entertainment offered by modern gaming. In spite of this, there are still a handful of gamers who are not as much fun to play with. The worst types of gamers fall into one of the following categories:

The Pro

We know some people are better than us, but we don’t want them rubbing it in our faces, right? The offence that these set of gamers have committed is investing too much time into the game so much so that they have become rather too skilled for our liking, always top of the leaderboard. They can be the most annoying people in the entire game because they spare no chance at beating you, thus making you feel inadequate, even though you know you too can play. It’s even worse when they swear that it’s their very first time, or that they are still learning. There’s no point even trying to beat them, why should you? Just give up and have peace!

The Leaders

They will always tell you, “You’re not doing it right.” You can call them the “fun police”. They have taken lessons from war documentaries and are now masters of the battle-winning strategy. No one knows better than them on how to play to win, or even how to have fun playing the game. As far as they are concerned, no one else has an idea what they are doing in the game. They are both coach and umpire. These kinds of people think they are the hero who will lead everyone else to victory.

The Trolls 

This gamer is always the first to play outside of the game’s parameters. They will question your masculinity (or feminity), your education and everything else about you. They are not interested in winning the game but in making sure that you end up exasperated.

The Screamers

These tend to be younger people, in most cases young teenagers. They vehemently abuse the voice chat feature. You’d wish they would lose their voice. Aggressively lambasting allies while at the same time raining insults on opponents, all in almost shocking, high-pitched squeals. Thankfully, Screamers can be quickly dealt with by using the mute button.

The Hackers

Bad guys! They just buff their stats in order to win every game or rig the in-game leaderboards so that they appear at the top. One look at their stats and the game is ruined for everyone else. You feel like you shouldn’t even bother playing. They are not necessarily good at the game, or at least not as good as their credentials look. But there’s one thing they are good at, which is finding crooked ways to win. If there’s a hack, a code, a glitch or trick, they will stop at nothing to find it and use it to oppress other gamers.

Let us know if there are any other kinds of annoying gamers you have come across online.

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This article was first published on 14th July 2018


Akwaowo Willie is a social media consultant for several businesses including SMEs and Startups. He is also an entrepreneur and writer with interests in entertainment, media, fashion, among others. He is married, with 2 adorable children.

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