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Since the voters’ registration commenced in the country, several notable celebrities have added their voice to the call for every eligible Nigerian to get registered. With the deadline for registration closing in, more celebrities, like Chika Lann, have joined the bandwagon.

The model took her campaign to Balogun Market in Lagos State where she was seen standing halfway up through the sunroof of an SUV sporting her signature hairstyle, and holding up a sign on which was written boldly, “Go get your PVC”. She practically shut down parts of the market through which she was driven as people turned up to catch a glimpse of her.

Lann told the crowd that the only way they can make their voices heard is through their votes, and they could not do that without their PVCs.

News about Chika Lann and her distinct looking threaded hair which she claimed to be worth 40 million naira went viral earlier in the year. The revelation left everyone gobsmacked, but Lann maintained that she loved to stand out, hence the choice of hairstyle. She had added that, although the amount might sound too big for some others, for her it is was what she called “saloon money”.

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This article was first published on 16th July 2018


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